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Is There a Safe, Low-Calorie Sweetener?

The natural sweetener erythritol does not appear to carry the adverse effects associated with other low and non-caloric natural and artificial sweeteners and may actually have antioxidant potential. F…


Stevia, the Natural Sweetener

Q: How do you feel about the natural sweetener Stevia? A: This is a timely question because over the next year we are going to see an explosion of products containing stevia. I have grown stevia…


The Inside Scoop on Agave Nectar

Forty miles northwest of Guadalajara, in the arid highlands of western Mexico, lies the town of Tequila. In the hills surrounding the town, the subdued blue of the Agave tequilana plant colors the cou…


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Please note that the study tested only two emulsifiers--both synthetic, I think. There is no evidenc…

What a miraculous recovery, those people that have rescued him and brought him back from the brink a…

when any "study" is done using animals, I don't believe their results. We have so many humans with …