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5 Quick Ways to Achieve Mindfulness

As a teacher of meditation and mindfulness, I am seeing more and more that any moments of awareness we can give ourselves during the day can be powerful and redirect us to a less stressed and more con…


Misusing Time

Being anxious about the future; reliving the past; regretting old mistakes; reliving yesterday; anticipating tomorrow; racing against the clock; brooding over impermanence; resisting change. When y…


Ecstasy in the Now!

Perhaps the best way to gain such an experience as time ceasing to exist is to realize that the word "present" is linked to the word "presence." When the present moment becomes filled with a presence…


There Is No Time But Now

Few things are easier to describe and harder to do than catching the present moment without words or thought. The crux of the matter is time. Most of us take for granted that time flies, meaning t…


Birthing A New You

By Melanie Bates There’s a change a brewin’ in me, folks. And… it’s felt about as fluid and graceful as when Jim Carrey, of Ace Ventura fame, was birthed from a large, plastic rhinoceros arse in…


How To Feel Radically Alive Without Risking Life & Limb

You feel it when you’re skiing down that mountain at lightning speed while listening to your favorite song on your iPod. You feel it when you’re walking through the park with the object of your aff…


Are You Present in Time?

Before a thought arises in your mind, you are in a timeless state. After a thought has served its purpose, whether it brings up a desire or the memory of a past event, you return to that state of tim…


The Power of Surrender

What if you’re stuck in the mud? Does surrender mean you just have to accept being stuck there? Eckhart Tolle clarifies a common misconception about the power of surrender here. Surrender is a …


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ah, so that's my problem. too bad it doesn't qualify as workers comp for permanent damage.

Really? Is the care2 website really promoting a company whose products contain so many chemicals tha…

I get most of my pet med stuff from Drs. Foster and Smith. Most of their pet meds beat 1800petmeds.

it's amazing how easy it is, especially for young people, to make identities out of self-harm behavi…