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Should You Pee On Your Compost?

Are you peeing on your compost pile?  If not, you may want to start. Human urine is rich in the nitrogen that plants need to thrive. The commercial chemical fertilizers widely used to add nitrogen …


5 Tips to Grow a Food Forest

There has been a lot of interest lately in food foraging. A nature walk in the woods can turn into a bountiful buffet of forest produce when you know which plants are edible along the trail. Plenty of…


A Conscious Travel Guide to Maui

Hawaii: for years I skipped going, preferring adventurous Mexico, Argentina, and Thailand to avoid built up hotels, tourist traps, Starbucks and Costcos. But living on the west coast, it kept call…


Finding Fulfillment in a 12×12 House

By William Powers, author of "Twelve by Twelve: A One-Room Cabin Off The Grid & Beyond The American Dream" Three years ago, I returned to America after a decade of aid and conservation work…


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TY I now have a pill I take every day with those nutrients in them (recommended by my eye doc)

very informative - i believe i will share it too

The Chinese food, Dong Quai, is another nourishing plant for menstrual problems. It belongs to the c…

"Scientifical?" Spare me. Okay: First, if you're going to do "guerilla gardening," do it INTE…