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The Upside of Conflicts

Life is what you choose. Life is what it is. And life isnít what it isnít. The struggles of any life worth living require a practice of self-liberation, as documented in freedom songs or stories from …


The Best Way to Respond to Adversity

Adversity happens to all of us. I have learned that you cannot control a lot of things that happen in your life and you cannot control the feelings that come over you. However, you can control what yo…


6 Ways to Deepen your Relationship With Yourself

All relationships begin with one's relationship to the self. It is vital to have a deep relationship with yourself in order to be a partner, a parent, a co-worker or a leader in the community. H…


Battling the Self

Battling the Self - The Only Enemy There Is by Dr. Neala Peake, Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder of There is no such thing as being a victim. This doesn't mean that people can't…


Five Steps to Free Your Interpretations

Whenever we look at a situation, we see our past in it because every event gets interpreted, and interpretations are rooted in the past. Just to realize that you are placing an interpretation on every…


Are You Centered?

To be centered is considered desirable. But if there is no person inside your head, if the egoís sense of I, me, mine is illusory, whereís the center? Paradoxically, the center is everywhere. It is…


Focus On What Truly Matters

By Mike Robbins Over the past few months Iíve been thinking a lot about what truly matters.† My momís diagnosis, illness, and death have caused me to stop, question, and look more deeply at the thi…


Buddhist Blessing for Food

In our age of eating disorders and soul-hunger, this simple, profound blessing helps to put food and eating into a healed perspective. May this blessing bring you to a place of mindfulness with every …


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I have a slower pace of a 15 minute mile. I only register if it says run/walk. A run/walk event co…