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Kenya Microchips Every Single Rhino to Fight Poaching

Though many strategies have been devised for catching poachers in the act, the death toll of rhinos continues to rise. Kenya is pushing back with a massive effort, microchipping more than 1,000 rh…


Rescued Elephant Orphan Adopted By New Herd

By Animal Planet GUEST POST ALERT: Today's guest post comes from Wildlife expert Laurel A. Neme, Ph.D., author of Animal Investigators: How the World's First Wildlife Forensics Lab is Solving Cri…


Young Gorillas Observed Destroying Poachers’ Traps

By Stephen Messenger, TreeHugger For Rwanda's population of Mountain gorillas, poaching remains one of the biggest threats to their long-term survival. But after decades of being a prime target f…


Rhino Poaching Attack in South Africa

A poaching attack on three rhino in southern South Africa in early March has shocked teams at a game reserve there. White rhino are listed as "near threatened" by the global conservation authority IUC…


South Africa Considers Legal Sale of Horns to Prevent Rhino Extinction

South Africa's government is considering a legal market for rhino horns to combat the booming illegal trade. Science News by NewsLook var nl_rand = "taHSkjCd25XQjpvp", NewsLook = NewsLook ||…


Two Tons Of Ivory Intercepted In Hong Kong

Officials with the Ports and Maritime Command were tipped off about a possible shipment of illegal ivory headed to Hong Kong from Malaysia on Tuesday. Upon close inspection, customs officials found…


Nineteen Poachers Arrested for Killing Rhinos

In Nepal's Chitwan National Park a large group of poachers was arrested. Two of the main culprits were sentenced to jail terms; one 14 years and the other 15.  Another was sentenced to eight. In addit…


Man Killed Moose So Hunters Could Shoot Bears, Prosecutors Say

A seven year investigation of a hunting guide allegedly revealed illegal tactics used to lure bears close to hunters so they would have clear and close shots. Simply put, this tactic is known as bear-…


Woman Pilot Protects Wild Animals in Kenya

An american acrobatic pilot renowned for her skills at air shows is teaching advanced flying skills to Kenyan pilots to help them spot wildlife poachers. Patty Wagstaff has won three acrobatic flying …


Killer of ’100 Tigers’ Caught

Fauna and Flora International, an international wildlife conservation organization, has reported the arrest of two Sumatran poachers. One of them, a fifty-seven year old man, said he has killed 100 wi…


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