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What’s The Greenest Way To Get Where You’re Going?

I love to travel. Seeing new places, and experiencing the big (or subtle) differences in the culture and geography is something that always provides a thrill. Each of the 50 American states has a very…


Punk Feline Rides Public Transit (Photo)

Instagram user @shanasarett spotted this dynamic duo on San Francisco's Muni train. We're very impressed by how the man's vest spikes match the ones on his peaceful feline companion's collar: Pho…


7 Ways to Stay Healthy on Public Transportation

By Eric Leech, Planet Green Germs are everywhere, but they can be particularly concentrated where there are large amounts of people packed into close quarters. This description practically de…


6 Tips to Go Car Free

September 22nd is World Carfree Day!  Folks all over the world are pledging to ditch their cars and use bikes, transit, and their own two feet to get around. Fuel and emissions from cars are major …


The Belgian Waffle Diet

Back to the gym last night after a couple of weeks away, and I have to admit I was a little apprehensive when I climbed on the scale before my workout. It's not just that I've been avoiding the gym; I…


Ted Kennedy’s 5 Greatest Contributions to Environmental Health

The late senator may be best known for health care reform, but he also worked to clean up waterways, improve gas mileage, and protect natural resources. There was no mistaking the primary goal of t…


Greener Public Transportation

Using public transportation is often a greener alternative than driving solo in your car. Insist on greener mass transit. Here are some things you can do: 1. Contact area representatives to suggest…


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I love pistachios, but once I start I can't stop eating them.

Dimitris at least you were honest and did not just comment Ty :) . The? pic cracks me up there is no…

they were just wonderful, thank you for sharing, a great way to exercise your dog.

I LOVE my job! Wouldn't trade it for any higher amount of salary. Some days I have a longer commute …

If we all grew our own food then we could control this. Even if we try & buy organic, it's no…