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5 Crazy Cat Anatomy Facts

Curiosity about cats has followed humankind since the days before Egyptian pharaohs treasured them as signs of good fortune. Much more is known today about what makes these graceful critters tick, y…


Your Cat: What Does Its Purr Mean? (video)

Cats are cunning; they like to control their environment. Cats don’t purr for other cats; they purr for people. A study in England tries to sort out purrs: those that show contentment; those that s…


Why Do Cats Purr?

The phenomenon of purring has fascinated humans for ages. A lot of research has been conducted to figure out this feline mystique, but no one knows for certain why cats purr, though it is believed to …


The Healing Power of Purring

I had a trooper of a cat who lived with me for a whopping 20 years. She had a special talent for sensing when I was sick or blue, and would lay extended, purring, on my chest. It always made me happy …


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If you don't have the time for an animals don't adopt one and don't assume that getting another pet …

I am 21 and I can proudly say I have always listened to and followed my heart. I loved this article …

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