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Renewable Energy: Kid Powered Play

The importance of teaching children to care for the food they ingest, the clean air they breathe, for the oceans they swim in, and the planet they'll inherit, will need to be a priority if we want to …


Letter to Parents: “Your Kid is Fat”

In Flagstaff, Arizona, public schools have taken an aggressive approach to reducing childhood obesity. "Beginning this fall the district will measure and weigh elementary-school children and send lett…


Would You Send Your Child To A ‘Bad’ School?

By Heather Sobieralski, Owning Pink Lately, I have been having the itch to move. I would like a fourth bedroom, a bigger kitchen and a second garage. Most pressing (or so I thought), I would li…


Possum Tossing For Fun?

A peculiar activity in New Zealand called possum tossing is rightly generating controversy. The game, as the name suggests, involves people holding dead possums by the tail and throwing them as far as…


Back-To-School Surprise: BYO Toilet Paper?

Surprise! It's back-to-school time. Well, that's no surprise, but what is surprising are the lists of school supplies some school children are required to bring with them this year. Along with the ord…


Elementary School Gets Solar Power System

Grant Elementary School near Redding, CA (Northern California) recently had a 202-kilowatt solar power system installed. The system cost the school nothing, as they partnered with a solar power compan…


India Bans Leather Shoes in Schools

A campaign by Maneka Gandhi to eliminate leather shoes for children in India's schools has apparently been successful. The Telegraph reported her proposal was accepted by India's Central Board of Scho…


Learning with School Gardens

Planting a school garden is a great equalizer: Teachers get dirty, parents break a sweat and kids, for once, have a height advantage. The benefits of gardens are extensive--and sometimes unanticipated…


Teaching Green: Eco-Conscious Schools

Deciding where to send a child to school is one of the most overwhelming decisions parents can face, especially with the plethora of options out there today. To narrow the playing field, eco-conscious…


Recycling in Schools

In addition to “reading, ‘riting, and ‘rithmetic”, wouldn’t it be great to make recycling part of your child’s school’s agenda? Recycling saves money, protects the environment, conserves resources, r…


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We need to make as many people as possible aware of this insane idiocy! Throwing away food while peo…

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