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13 Foods That Fight Allergies

There are many naturally-occurring plant compounds called phytonutrients that assist with allergies. The main ones include: anthocyanin, curcumin, hesperetin, and quercetin in your diet. Donít worry a…


Beat Spring Allergies with Bacteria

It may sound odd that bacteria can actually reduce allergy symptoms.† But, certain bacteria can reduce inflammation in the body, improve nutrient absorption, and reduce nasal and sinus symptoms linked…


Are Your Allergies Making You Fat?

By Emily Main,† Allergy season is upon us, and the record pollen levels we're experiencing this year may have you heading to the allergy relief aisle at your local drugstore. But wha…


Allergic, Itchy Eyes? This Herb can Help

Anyone who suffers with eye problems during allergy season knows how uncomfortable and disruptive these symptoms can be.† At the same time, you donít always want to be consuming chemicals for months d…


Play in the Mud, Stop Allergies?

Around the world, allergies are on the rise. The number of children in the United States with food allergies doubled between 1997 and 2002. In the UK, rates of allergies among children have tripled in…


Saying Goodbye to Seasonal Allergies

If you are experiencing itchy eyes, a dry, raspy throat, sneezing, sinus headaches and tiredness, chances are you have seasonal allergies. Commercials bombard us with idyllic images of allergy medicat…


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