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Want Discreet Contraception? Here Are Your Choices

Modern birth control methods have done wonders to give women control of their lives. You might be like me ó one of contraception's biggest fans, shouting its praises from the rooftops. But sometime…


The Key to a Longer Life: Your Telomeres?

A miracle cream? Baths of olive oil? Surgery? No, the secret to a longer life is none of these things. It is more simple, more integral. To live longer, it appears you need to have longer telomeres. …


Living With a Misspell-ability

Hereís an ironic, little secret: Iím a writer who canít spell. While I havenít been officially tested, itís safe to say Iíd struggle to make it through my sonís fourth grade spelling test. Speaking of…


5 Red Hot Secrets Every Visionary Must Know

Are you a visionary? You know youíre a visionary if: You sense that somethingís wrong with the world and long to be part of the solution Youíre doing it, youíre part of the solution and your …


The Real Thing? Has Coca-Cola’s Secret Recipe Been Blown?

Where did the Easter Island statues come from? Was there a second gunman on the grassy knoll? Is the Bermuda Triangle real? These timeless questions will be asked again and again without any definitiv…


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