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Boost Metabolism While You Sleep

At times it seems like everyone is looking for an easy way to boost their metabolism and shed some pounds. We've been told to drink cold water before meals. Some say constant fidgeting is key. Some us…


Adult Onset Allergies

You may have been able to avoid allergies for decades, when suddenly at age 20 or 30 or older, you develop them. It hardly seems fair, but according to research, adult onset allergies are increasingly…


Are You Easily Hurt?

Until the day someone develops a cream to thicken skin, I need to find ways to fight my hypersensitivity. One rough word, and I am bruised for the entire day, and sleepless at night. A reproachful gl…


Focused Intention

Having an intention is enough to accomplish a result. When properly focused which means easily and without strain awareness has the ability to carry out quite specific commands. An intention doe…


3 Ways to Heal Relationships

If sharing is to take place, you must build a basis that includes equality, sensitivity, and communication. Equality In spirit everyone is equal. This isn't just an abstract concept; it is the one…


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