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Sexual Fantasies & Daydreams: Should You Give In?

There’s your external sex life that is physical and very real. Then there’s your internal sex life that takes place in your mind. For some, the internal stuff is a vivid realm filled with sexual explo…


Your Brain On Sex

Are you ready for the best sex of your life? Pay a little attention to your other head (the one between your ears)!…


Finding Healthy Pleasure in S&M

If you're curious about BDSM—anything from what those letters stand for, to how to introduce a little of it into your sex life—our experts can steer you clear of the embarrassing moments and tip you o…


Kinky Sex on the Brain?

Looking to rev things up in the bedroom? Say, maybe a little kinky sex (dirty talk, spanking, toys)? Our experts can steer you clear of the embarrassing moments and tip you off on the healthiest ways …


How to Read Your Partner’s Mind

Need a quick tip on reading your partner's mind during the most passionate moments? Watch this!…

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Unlocking Your Sexual Fantasies

  “Sex lies at the root of life, and we can never learn reverence for life until we know how to understand sex.”  -Henry Ellis Sex scandals are us.  The news is replete with what seems an …


Ask the Loveologist: I’m Trapped by My Fantasies

  I don’t know why I get so turned on by the thing that I do -- it's so weird I am not even going to say what it is. I have the same fantasies over and over again. In fact, I can’t even get tu…


Using Your Mind to Make Your Sex Life HOT!

"A central agent of the erotic act, of eroticism, is the imagination--if that goes away, that's when the breakdown of desire often occurs." -Esther Perel I often tell people that the sexiest part o…


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