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Is It Your Fault If You Canít Heal Yourself? Part 2

In Part 1 of this blog series†Is It Your Fault If You Canít Heal Yourself, I addressed the questions of whether or not we should blame or shame someone who is sick Ė and whether we should withhold con…


Is It Your Fault If You Canít Heal Yourself?

With more and more people viewing both my first TEDx talk Ė†The Shocking Truth About Your Health - and my latest TEDx talk Ė†Is There Scientific Proof We Can Heal Ourselves?, itís natural that sick pe…


Stop “Should-ing” On Yourself

By Mike Robbins A few months ago one of my mentors said to me, "Mike, it sounds like you're 'should-ing' all over yourself." I laughed when she said this, as I've heard this saying many times befor…


Resist Not Evil

One effect of divine grace, as Jesus taught it, was to counter evil. Just as judgment is left to the Lord, so is punishing evil. Jesus uses conventional vocabulary at times when he speaks about Satan …


I Have A Cold Sore, I Am Not A Bad Person

That last part is for me... the "I am not a bad person" part. Or, if I am, it's not because of the cold sore. But still, I feel so incredibly ashamed when I get one. Shame. It's a powerful thing. I do…


Create Healthy Relationship Boundaries With ‘DIS’

Relationships are never uncomplicated affairs, whether they are seemingly casual in nature or are sanctified unions by religious or state authorities. If we take the time to look at relationships un…


Free Yourself From Judging Your Feelings

When I was a child, raised in a family with three Methodist ministers, dutifully attending church twice a week and saying my prayers before bedtime, I was taught that thoughts and feelings can be sinf…


The Number One Skill For Sexual Intimacy: Speaking Desire

There is one constant of human experience, and that is never having all of what you want.† The practice of† learning to be happy while not yet having all you want is the key to living a life filled wi…


It’s Time to Stop Lying About Sex

The New York Times' Op-Ed columnist, Maureen Dowd couldnít resist jumping into the conversation about womenís sexuality, S & M and why some very smart women enjoy surrendering to a powerful man,…


6 Ways Out Of Secrets, Shame, And Stuck-ness

The secrets we keep locked away--buried deep beneath the comings and goings of our everyday lives--are eating us alive. Okay, so that sounds a little dramatic now that I see it in print. I'm not su…


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