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5 Green Foods You Should Be Eating

Yes, yes, we all know we should eat more greens. But, the regular rounds of broccoli, green beans, and lettuce can get rather tiresome. Instead, try these nutrient-dense green foods that are often ove…


Stop “Should-ing” On Yourself

By Mike Robbins A few months ago one of my mentors said to me, "Mike, it sounds like you're 'should-ing' all over yourself." I laughed when she said this, as I've heard this saying many times befor…


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Once I put my head on the pillow, It's nighty night !!!!!

I like lemons very much, and other acid fruits. And this article gives a really useful information.

Anteater A. I welcome a retort of the facts I presented but instead you come to fallacious conclusi…

@ Frank H. You don't intimidate me with your bovine scat. YOUR experts aren't the only ones. The web…