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Quirky Animal Quiz

How well do you know elephants, camels, spiders and sharks? Take this quirky quiz and find out (answers start on page three)!   1. The little shrew looks harmless but it has a secret we…


10 of the World’s Tiniest Mammals (Slideshow)

The blue whale is the world's largest living mammal: you've likely heard that fact so many times that you could recite it in your sleep. But have you ever stopped to wonder about the other end of the …


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A recent study has found that women with large backsides live longer than men who mention it :O) One…

Try Euthymol, which is fluoride-free.

RK.Henry, you are clearly a cat hater. People like you love to find scapegoats.Human beings have bee…

Republican governors and the legislatures that support them are death panels.

Why doesn't the author of this article just give us a list of toothpastes that are safe to use?