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Sexual Lubricant: 7 Ingredients to Avoid

The sexual lubricants a woman uses can promote her pleasure in a variety of ways. Some serve as gentle enhancers and "indirect aphrodisiacs" by moistening the vaginal and vulvar tissues, mimicking and…


Top 11 Swaps to Detox your Kitchen

Ease your mind about the health of your kitchen by swapping out these 11 everyday kitchen products and replacing them with safer alternatives. Many of the products I suggest you remove affect your cen…


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My lab is about 10 years old ( she is a rescue) & she does only one of these things.......beg, …

Go Daddy ALWAYs has gross commercials. Go daddy needs to go away tbh,

This reminds me of the time my family was at the shore, and our wonderful dog was pacing nervously, …

Carrots good for your eyes and taste great