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The Golden Touch

We took a shine to these ideas on how to incorporate a bit of metallic into the home. Above: A majestic gold painting by Mathias Goeritz positioned at the top of a stairwell in the home of Mexican …


Life Force Diet: Add Enzyme Power Foods

Yesterday I introduced you to the Life Force Gold Foods. Among them there is a mostly overlooked type of food that offers incredible nutrition and the potential to greatly increase your body's life fo…


Life Force Diet: What are Silver Foods?

Last week you eliminated or greatly reduced many harmful substances in your diet. That allowed your body to improve its ability to detoxify substances that interfere with or impede natural en­zyme and…


Silver Cleaning

How do you clean silver in a less toxic way? Thanks If you have a small job, the best silver polish using kitchen cupboard type ingredients is white tooth paste. Dab some on your finger, and …


Give a Natural Shine to the Holidays: Metal Polishes

I like to make my home as beautiful and welcoming as possible during the holidays, and one way I do this is to polish all the silver, pewter, and brass, so it reflects the light of candles. Here are t…


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Remember all of you that want a pet...rescue pets are the BEST!

Carrots FTW! One of my dogs loves 'em, too.

Great information.

Many good tips, the one about being in Nature is one of my favourites as Nature soothes and refreshe…

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