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How the Food Truck Concept is Spreading To Other Businesses

Photo Credit: Fashion Mobile By Lloyd Alter, TreeHugger Fifty years ago, Jane Jacobs wrote, "New ideas must use old buildings." Today she might write "New ideas need old trucks." It's an importa…


Don’t Put Baby in the Corner With That Damn TV

When my son was born, my wife and I had vowed to keep him out of eye's reach of a screen, any kind of screen for a long, long time. We had read up on much of the data linking frequent and habitual TV …


Smart Phones, Dumb Moves: Should We Be Handing Our iPhones Over to Our Children?

"Ok, just five minutes and then you have to give it back." I am guilty of striking this bargain, as I hand over my iPhone to my 4-year-old with the sort of resignation normally seen when a cop has …


Parenting Unplugged: Letting Technology Tune Out Our Children’s Needs

Last Halloween the venerable New Yorker Magazine came out with their Halloween-themed cover (November 2, 2009), which was beautifully illustrated by graphic artist Chris Ware. In the illustration we a…


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Live long and prosper! Bernie 2016!

Vinu I want people to DEMAND that the US (and other countries) follow Japan's lead and eliminate …