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How Do You Define Yourself?

In this information age, we have so many messages coming at us at any one time that it's hard to filter it all. In an attempt to be efficient, we organize, categorize, and label. It only makes sense a…


It is 10:00…Do You Know if Your Kids Are on Facebook?

Just a decade or two ago, a child's social life was largely his/her own business. If you had friends, your peers were well aware (e.g. "Oh, he hangs out with Peter") and if you didn't have friends, we…


How Social Networking Taught Us A New Type Of Forgiveness

Social networking can be really challenging. We aren’t super tech savvy and when we were finally able to get on LinkedIn, Ed wasn’t sure what to do next. He thought he was only inviting just a few new…


Face to Face: Social Networking With and Without Your Children

There is a nation with a population (roughly 400 million) that exceeds that of the United States. A national fabric woven together by equal parts nostalgia, flirtation, and insipid observations about …


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people who don't eat "ugly" fruit & vegetables because they are not "perfect" should see a docto…

I think obese kids could be unhealthy but they also face some peer-pressure from the kids at school …

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