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SunPower Solar Panels Set World Record

A new solar panel from SunPower has set a record for efficiency -- meaning it generates more power -- and one of the company's officials agreed to an interview about it. Q: You are in Germany rece…


DIY Solar Sun Jar Light

My family loves spending time outside in the evenings in the screened-in porch. We often catch the late afternoon iridescent summer hues and enjoy the warm evenings. It's really such a treat. There…


Small And Stylish ECO Homes

Ever dream about creating the perfect eco-house? The importance of greening our homes to save energy and the planet has become more and more mainstream. Iíve been following the tiny house movement, an…


Solar-Powered Backpack Charges Gadgets

Do you have a bunch of electronic gadgets that you need to recharge while you travel? How about a solar charged backpack that harvests the sun's energy efficiently to keep your gadgets juiced? The …


Energy Efficiency Audit

If you've noticed that your house is drafty, or if, like a neighbor of mine, you got a letter from PG&E that says your house uses the most energy on the block, you might want to check into getting…


Church Using Stained Glass Solar Panels

Holy Family Catholic Church in Saskatoon, Canada is taking advantage of the annual 2,381 hours of sunlight there, by integrating solar cells into their stained glass windows. The solar power generatin…


Hawaii’s Solar More Than Doubled in 2010

Solar power installations in 2010 in Hawaii increased the total number by more than one hundred percent. "I think part of it is the public understanding the programs that are out there, that everyone …


Landfill to Become Solar Power Plant

In Georgia, the Hickory Ridge landfill is going to be converted into one of the largest solar power plants in the state. The landfill will be covered with an unusually tough liner, and solar panels wi…


Popemobile Could be Solar-Powered

Pope Benedict XVI has said he would be happy to use a solar-powered Popemobile when making public appearances. The current Popemobile is gas-powered and is outfitted with bullet-proof windows with an …


Solar Energy Gets a Boost

A report from Bloomberg New Energy Finance indicated the US solar market over the next ten years could grow by 100 billion dollars. The same document states current US solar capacity is just 1.4 gigaw…


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