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Are You Ready for Cricket Flour Cookies?

Ever have a hard time finding an affordable, healthy, and environmentally sustainable source of pure protein for you and your family? Soy is a mixed bag, beef and fish can be unsustainable and expensi…


Are You In Service To What I Serve?

When I posted my first blog on back in April of 2009, I set an intention and wrote it, in magic marker, on my office wall. I wrote I want Owning Pink to invite people to know that they…


You Are At The Source

Every thought you have, as well as every object you see in the world, is a vibration of the universe--the Sanskrit term is shubda. Shubda creates light, sound, touch, taste, and every other quality. …


Changing Your World

Know that the outer world reflects your inner reality. It has no other option. You live in two domains at the same time, and the unmanifest, invisible domain is primary. Whatever occurs at the deep…


Meditation on Heart

Meditation is the practice of going inward to access awareness that is deeper than thought. Meditation isnt just a time for peace and quiet, although both are needed. You are returning to your so…


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Am not a fan of bananas, but, tried not eating any and started getting leg cramps.

Mary D, encouraging your children to treat a dog like an insensate toy is a good way to get your chi…

I had sold our old car 5 years ago and never gotten another. Got a nice old-fashioned cruiser bicycl…

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