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Have You Surrendered?

Karen Berg shares how a new kind of surrender can lead us to a better understanding of life. Normally, we think of surrender in one way. For example, I don't know how many of you have seen the movi…


The Transforming Power of Letting Go

Janet Attwood shares how letting go can create transformational change in your life. Have you ever let go of it all? The most remarkable things can happen when you surrender completely. Letting …


When To Let Go

Because the mind holds on with an endless set of expectations, beliefs, and images, you could practice letting go every moment of your life. This is not feasible, yet strong signals will tell you whe…


What If You’re Not In Control?

I have always tended to be a bit of a control freak. Iím not sure whether medical training turns doctors into control freaks, or whether control freaks are drawn to medicine. But it never felt like th…


The Difference Between Healing and Curing

In†Part 1 of this 4 part blog series ("Is is your fault is you can't heal yourself?") I talked about how itís ludicrous to blame anyone for getting Ė or staying sick. In Part 2, I talked about the imp…


Is Attachment Really Love?

The path to love doesnít end with surrender, although in a way there is nothing more to do. The process of letting go is all that spirit needs in order to enter your life. The rest is a ripening of …


The Steps of Surrendering

Surrender connotes surrender to God, which few except the most saintly seem to manage. Itís much easier to do the surrendering on your own and let God show up if he wants to. Open yourself up to a R…


Surrender IsÖ

Most people think of surrender as a difficult, if not impossible, act. It connotes surrender to God, which few except the most saintly seem to manage. It's much easier to do the surrendering on your o…


From This Lifetime to the Next

People who are disconnected from themselves will be as baffled by the afterlife as they are by the present. For them, cause and effect arenít clear. Feelings of being alienated, alone, victimized, t…


Surrender to Your Real Needs and Desires

When you first think of the word surrender, you probably associate it with defeat. This is a natural association from the egoís viewpoint. In any situation where struggle dominates, no one is acting…


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