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Listen to Your Head, but Be True to Your Heart

Take a moment, close your eyes, turn off your “mind chatter” and let’s conduct a simple experiment. First, an easy way to turn off the chatter – and to succeed in many endeavors – is to consciously ma…


Why Telling Stories Is So Important For Our Well-Being

Dinner table conversations may be the secret sauce that binds families together. Dr. Marshall Duke, a psychologist at Emory University, led a number of studies in the 1990s on the dissipation of th…


Why Arguing Via Text is a Big Mistake

Do you love them enough to look them in the eye? Having hard conversations with those we love is never fun. And in today's digital age, many couples opt to just hide from each other and hash it out…


4 Myths About Down Syndrome

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month. Down syndrome is a genetic disorder where a person has three copies of chromosome 21 instead of two. Approximately 1 in 1,000 babies are born with Down syndro…


Lost in Translation: Communication Between Extroverts and Introverts

Laurie Helgoe and her husband have loved each other deeply and completely for more than 30 years. But that doesn’t mean they have always known how to talk to each other — especially since they stand o…


Navigating the Dating World as a Spiritual Person

Labels are dangerous—we know this. We frequently live and die them by projecting our assumptions on to others, by writhing behind projections placed on us, by doing nothing when we recognize them f…


What to Do When You’re the Emotionally Unavailable One

I am addicted to reading articles with titles like, “are you dating a narcissist?” and “signs you should get out of your relationship now,” because deep-down I’m afraid that I am the narcissist and th…


Getting Back Into Dating? Here’s How to Know It’s Time

How do you know when the person you like likes you back? How long should you wait before returning that special someone’s call? When can you be sure you’ve met “The One”? Thanks to technological adva…


26 Stimulating Sex Facts

Turn up the AC because these 26 sex facts will have you grasping for the nearest piece of mail to fan your blushing face. Note to self: visit Greece & Japan. Besides it being ridiculously exci…


The Fast Track to Finding Balance and Fulfillment

When I began to explore the power of appreciation, I realized that my deepest friendships were the ones I’d appreciated, the ones I valued enough to look after. I also remembered the relationships tha…


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