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Tofu: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

By Sara Novak, Planet Green More and more of us are choosing vegetarian protein sources like tofu, beans, and nuts instead of meat. It's better for the planet and it's better for your health. But…


10 Benefits and Uses For Miso

I often introduce miso in my cooking classes or recommend its use for healing diets. As it is not a common American food staple, I often find that people are reluctant to pay for a tub of miso tha…


Creamy Soy Yogurt

As long as we're getting inspired about berries, here's a simple recipe to make your own dairy-free yogurt. It's delicious served over a fresh fruit salad (especially with summer fruit), or you…


Get Calcium Without Relying on Cow’s Milk

Last week I blogged about Mommy's Milk Cheese. For the brave and vegan, this is likely a great way to receive vitamins and minerals like calcium in the diet. For the less experimental, there are …


Is Coconut the New Soy?

In a time of multiple food allergies, sensitivities and intolerances, Americans have embraced a wide assortment of non-dairy milks, cheese and yogurts. In the early twentieth century milk was deli…


Beyond Tofu: Four Tasty, Vegan Alternatives to Soy

It's really easy to fall into the soy trap when you're eating vegan. There are soy substitutes for everything: meat, milk, ice cream, even cheese! Before you know it, there's a little bit (or a lo…


Miso 101

By Cary Neff, Experience Life In Japan, making miso — a basic cooking ingredient and condiment that's aged like wine and cheese — is an art. But that doesn't mean it's complicated to prepare …


The Flip Side of 7 Major Superfoods

Some foods seem to have it all. They're nutritious, medicinally potent and great tasting. Magazines and newspapers sing their praises and urge us to eat our fill. But no food is perfect, and even thos…


The Roots of Soy: A Look Back Through the Ages

By Veronica Peterson, Editor, Healthy & Green Living We love it in soups and stews and even in the place of popcorn as a healthy snack for movie time. It takes prize as the only plant-based pro…


Life Force Diet: Dump the Dairy

In the same way that we've become accustomed to thinking of meat as the only source of protein, we've come to think of dairy prod­ucts as the only source of calcium. This myth is having detrimental ef…


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