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The Simple Mind Trick That Transforms Lives

Whether we realize it or not, our lives revolve around stories and have done so since our cave-painting days. Picture it: Cave people hunkered down around a blazing fire situated in the middle of t…


Need More Time? Practice Your Presence

Avikal Costantino shares how to stop feeling pressed for time and find relief. Take your time; there is no other time. Even when everything seems to accelerate beyond control - especially then - t…


The Secret to Self-Discovery

Mary Ann Thompson-Frenk shares a poem on taking the time to enjoy what the world has to offer. Our world is so breathtakingly beautiful... Take time to explore it in person and online, and you …


What Dogs Teach Us About Time

I went on a mini-retreat last weekend with my love. It's pretty rare that I go on vacation without my dogs. My original plan was to leave only Sanchez with a dog sitter. There are a gazillion steps to…


Is Patience The Secret to Freedom?

In a recent yoga class, the teacher read a passage from a book regarding patience and presence. The passage read that patience is often thought of “having to wait." And that was when I really connecte…


Searching For The Wrong Stuff

Yesterday evening, I caught myself checking Facebook and email obsessively. I had plenty to do to prepare for the upcoming yard sale and our ever-nearing move to Minnesota (and mothering and whatnot),…


Deepak Chopra: Scientific Proof of God?

If you’re a regular Deepak Chopra reader and listener, you have probably come across the term “space time.” It may sound nonsensical – it’s either space or time, right? But in physics, “space time” …


Misusing Time

Being anxious about the future; reliving the past; regretting old mistakes; reliving yesterday; anticipating tomorrow; racing against the clock; brooding over impermanence; resisting change. When y…


What’s Your Sense of Time?

We all have a sense that time expands and contracts, seeming to drag one moment and race the next, but what is our constant, our absolute? I believe it is “me,” our core sense of self. To borrow f…


Do You Struggle With Time?

The element of time pressure alters behavior, attitudes, and physiological responses. So subjective time can be an incredibly powerful force. It’s no accident that the word deadline contains the word…


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Here is the abstract from the link from Europe. Objective. To examine the association between fish …

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