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Taco Bell Pulls Anti-Veggie Ad

There is no denying that the sorts of commercials that run during the Super Bowl are, not only incredibly expensive to program, but slotted to appeal to a sort of lowest common denominator of culture.…


Schoolhouse Rock Turns 40

If you grew up in the 1970s, or even the 80s, and had a TV within your reach, you no doubt learned a thing or two from some of your Saturday morning viewings. That is, at least, if you were lucky enou…


Mini Cooking Show Promotes Quick, Local, Organic Meals

On a recent show, chef Helen Cavallo presented three ways to use a small pumpkin. First, she roasted and blended it into fresh pumpkin soup, then she showed viewers how to make a pumpkin into a flower…


Breaking Bad with Recipes

Now some would argue that the golden age of television existed decades back with M.A.S.H. and Archie Bunker, or maybe even before that with Sid Caesar and The Twilight Zone. However we seem to be in a…


Save the Kales! New Vegan Cooking Show

Cooking shows are hot right now, and I'm always a little bit bummed that vegan food isn't better represented on mainstream cooking programs. Sure, there was that one episode of Cupcake Wars where a ve…


Disney Nixes Junk Food Ads from Broadcasts

If you have the chance, sit down and watch 30 minutes of childrenís programming and pay close attention, not to the programming, but to the commercials that make up about 1/3 of the 30 minute viewing …


TV Has Gone to the Dogs

Dog TV says it offers "a new breed of television" to entertain our canine companions. Photo Credit: llimllib via Flickr. Odd News by NewsLook var nl_rand = "am19Lw4ULQRR4N28", NewsLook = New…


5 Things to Give Up During Lent to Improve Your Health

Catholics the world over began Lent yesterday, a 40-day observance leading up to the Easter holiday. One of the primary duties of Catholics during this time is to give up something in order to grow cl…


6 Surprising Places Where Germs are Hiding

By Marlo Sollitto, contributing editor Is something in your house making your elderly parent sick? The places where bacteria, cold and flu†viruses and allergens lurk in your home may …


Turn Off The TV & Live Longer

The fact that I donít own a television makes me a bit of a social misfit, especially when Iím the one ON the television, and my own kid canít tune in to see Mommy on the boob tube. Itís been over s…


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