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Reconsidering Linoleum Flooring

When thinking of great flooring for your home, linoleum is not what usually comes to mind. Viewed as cheap, low-end and certainly not natural, linoleum would probably be found towards the bottom of th…


Lunchboxes: Easy Greening

Some of us are so focused on the challenge of what to put in our kids’ lunchboxes that we don’t consider the lunchbox itself. But a 2006 report found disturbing amounts of lead in vinyl lunchboxes. Th…


Vinyl Shower Curtains are Oh, So Toxic

I will never forget the scene in the movie "Psycho" when a woman is showering in her motel room and Norman Bates sneaks in, rips open the shower curtain and stabs the woman to death--the scene was and…


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Considering the demands they make on their suppliers, I wouldn't trust them.

I honestly never knew this.

I would not trust Walmart or any Store like that , going Organic that sounds like Scam to me Their…

I agree that they will probably cut corners and do the bare minimum to pass as organic. I will not a…

I trust they'll put organic melamine in their milk and organic rat poison in their dog food. The…