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Are You Willing to Do What It Takes to Get Out of Debt?

On the morning of New Year’s Eve, I got the news that my husband had passed away. He left me and my eleven-month old son with $3,000,000 of debt. Hearing the news I collapsed on the floor. That mom…


5 of the World’s Richest Animals (Slideshow)

  It's not uncommon for pets to be provided for in their owners' wills, and many U.S. states now even have statutes concerning pet trusts. But the tiny inheritances of most ordinary animals ar…


3 Ingredients for Success

Johnny Tan explains how building lasting relationships can help you find wealth and success. Every plan in life is different; each one leads to its own perfection. Every moment is a conscious choic…


Wisdom from Nan Akasha

I love to help people transform their relationship with money. So I want to share with you a magnetic process for attracting wealth. First, know that you are already rich. Indeed, you cannot NOT be…


A-to-Z Steps to a Richer Life

Know that in the innermost recesses of your heart, are the Goddesses of Knowledge and Wealth. Love them and nurture them, and every desire that you have will spontaneously blossom into form. For these…


Wisdom from Julie Murphy Casserly

Not long after I started my financial planning firm in 1995, I discovered something that was never taught to me in business school. It's the notion that every person has their own unique and personal …


Wisdom from Roxanne Emmerich

My greatest brilliance is my fierce commitment to transform the workplace into a place where everyone lives a "Thank God It's Monday" spirit-a spirit in which fun, and the joy of creating massive resu…


Wisdom from Amilya Antonetti

My life has brought me many blessings including the gifts of being a mom, a business owner, partner, friend and active member of my communities. Being a successful, female serial entrepreneur has allo…


Acquiring and Sustaining Wealth

In order to acquire wealth--or for that matter anything in the physical universe--you must intend it, make a decision to go for it. The decision is unchangeable with fixity of purpose not countermand…


The Money Path

We live in a society where people are able to have more and more material things. The net result, however, has not been to make us perfectly happy. Quite often what lies behind affluence is a spirit…


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