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How to Create Balance in Your Home

Feng shui acknowledges that we are ancient creatures who naturally seek balance. If our living spaces are not balanced, our lives also feel out of balance. Our homes are made up of active and restf…


The Key to Creating a Balanced Home

By Erica Sofrina, author of Small Changes, Dynamic Results! Feng Shui for the Western World Have you ever been in a room that didn't feel good to be in but you couldn't figure out what was wrong? …


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Everyone in my family has found that the older they get, the harder to get a good long-term sleep in…

I think just about any dog will do if you live in your own house and can let them outside now and th…

Thanks--I'm 72 and I still need at least 8 hours sleep, or I don't function properly.

Buy some raw ginger,, slice it up thinly,, drop 3-4 slices into a cup of boiling water,, let it stee…