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Finding Zen: Easy Ways to Cultivate More Inner Peace

Often, we define peacefulness by the absence of stress -- a neutral, inactive, state. However, is peace really just a passive state? For most people, adopting the life of a "Zen master" and dedicating…


Befriend the Present Moment

“The living moment is everything.”  ~D.H. Lawrence One of the most powerful ways that my positivity quest has evolved lately, is in my aspiration and dedication to befriend the present moment.  T…


Birthing A New You

By Melanie Bates There’s a change a brewin’ in me, folks. And… it’s felt about as fluid and graceful as when Jim Carrey, of Ace Ventura fame, was birthed from a large, plastic rhinoceros arse in…


Vulnerability Will Definitely Kill You

By Vincent Horn, Contributor to Meditation on “I say vulnerable is woundable.” ~The Guru Pitka So much of what I’ve been learning about lately is around vulnerability. Vulnerabi…


I Heart Coffee And… Zen Pastry Chefs?

I have a crush... on coffee. I don't actually drink coffee but am absolutely smitten with the ritual of it. Perhaps it's the heat that attracts me. I love the way hot coffee makes people pause. …


4 Tips for Tranquility

I’ve been working lately on living a more calm, Zen lifestyle. It isn’t always easy. Do you sometimes feel like waiting in traffic, getting bombarded with overwhelming updates on the news, and tack…


What is Wabi-Sabi?

By Linda Merrill, Networx Have you read or heard the term "Wabi-Sabi" recently? If some of the design blogs are to be believed, it’s becoming a "thing" in interiors. Yet, the very act of force,…


Bringing Joy & Presence to the Kitchen

"When you prepare food, do not see with ordinary eyes and do not think with ordinary mind." This quote is from a document titled "Instructions to the Head Cook," written by Eihei Dogen in 13th cent…


Letting Go of Your 10-Year Plan

I was recently celebrating my friend Darlene Cohen's life by re-reading one of her books, Turning Suffering Inside Out.  Darlene was a wonderful, brilliant, outrageous person, and long-time Zen teache…


Listening To Your Clear, Quiet Voice

I think of myself as having been asleep for most of my childhood. In high school my goal was to get good grades, while learning as little as possible. I was successful at both these goals. While at co…


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Yes, really -- what WAS the point of this article other than to drag out painful memories?

I would want any of my dogs to go fast. The only bad part of having any animal, they should live lon…

Totally agreed! Proud cat mom to over 7 cats in 13 years and have experienced all the above. Even my…

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