Take Your Dog to Work Today!

Work can be stressful, and dogs are great stress-relievers. The two are a perfect match! Thankfully Pet Sitters International realized this connection and created, “Take Your Dog to Work Day” about 12 years ago. Today, more companies are starting to allow pets to accompany employers daily, and as Lisa Spector points out in her Take Your Dog to Work Day post, more employees are seeking out dog-friendly companies to work for. (Read her post to find out how employees can search for dog-friendly employers, and why it is advantageous for companies to have dog-friendly policies.)

We’d like to share some photos of Care2 pets in the office, in honor of Take Your Dog to Work Day. The special visitors are posing with various stuffed animals in the Care2 lobby/jungle.

Ruby with a lion, staring at his Care2 mom, Sabrina


Sanchez and Gina with Care2 pet blogger Lisa Spector, and a lion


Ruby, unfazed by an alligator

Do you participate in TYDWD? Does your job allow you to work with your pet?

Send us pictures of your pet at work!

If you have a picture of your beloved pet in your place of work, send them to editor@care2team.com to be featured in an upcoming article!


Fi T.
Past Member 4 years ago

It's mutually beneficial to both of the parties

Sheri P.
Sheri P5 years ago

Awww, such cute pooches!

rene davis
irene davis6 years ago

imagine what it would be like?

Ioana M.
Ioana M6 years ago

I wish I could bring my pet to work :(

Danuta W.
Danuta W6 years ago


Manuela C.
Manuela C6 years ago

I can't, but I wish I could!

Alexandra Rodda
Alexandra Rodda6 years ago

When I was a student we had a professor who always had his two spaniel dogs with him I used to worry about the dogs because of the way they would throw themselves down the stairs and then slide and crash on the landing. I've never seen anything so athletic.
When I was working in a hospital, there would be days when I had to walk to work because my car was being serviced. Then there was no way of keeping my dog Muffy at home. she's follow me into the boss's office, into the wards, into the toilet - just anywhere.
She was delightful, but when the she thought that the boss was threatening me, she lept for his jugular, but fortunately I caught her in midair. As a joke, he had picked up a chair and swung it towards me, quoting the misprint in the rules of the hospital:
"Within the hospital grounds, dogs must be controlled with a chair!" Poor Muffy misinterpreted his move.

Valerie G.
Valerie G6 years ago

What about cats!? LOL..
Just kidding!

Laurie H.
Laurie H6 years ago

Just hope the work environment will be a safe place for the dog.I always missed my Golden Retriever at work-would have been fun to bring him in, once upon a time.~ Thank you for posting~~

Brenda Towers
Brenda Towers6 years ago