Teachers Are Students Too

This past weekend I was surrounded by some of my greatest teachers and friends. In this video I interview incredible Spirit Junkies like, Louise Hay, Cheryl Richardson, Danielle Laporte, Kris Carr, Mastin Kipp and more! We share with you what we learned from each other at Ignite!


Ro H.
Ro H3 years ago


Beth Weatherbee
Beth Weatherbee4 years ago

I am a teacher and believe me, it is a challenge to keep up with all of the new data, new technology and new strategies. It is always a great moment when you get to say "I don't know. Let's go find out."

Zee Kallah
.4 years ago

Oh, do tell.

Most spiritual teachers are cramped. They find some philosophy, often discarded, and make it their supreme wisdom. Of course, they are happy to charge you plenty for the discards.

And, of course, each discard is the solitary truth. All other teachings are expected to bow before it. FAT CHANCE!

Get smart! There's a spark of TRUE GOD within YOU! Make contact with your own inner teacher. If you do not find God within you, you will never find him without. Other teachings you can use for play. My Higher Power is all for my studying of various paths, which I have done since the age of 3 (three). Always, My Higher Power cautions..."Don't believe everything you read. Nothing, in these lower worlds is perfect nor can it be.

Marianna B M.


Kirsten B.
Past Member 4 years ago

Tamie R. - sounds like you could have been with my great aunt. ;) She was forced to retire at Christmas due to health reasons ... at age 96. But she's in B.C., Canada.

Kirsten B.
Past Member 4 years ago

Nice, thank you.
I teach English to a lot of older learners - very often I leave our sessions having learned more than they have.

Melinda K.
Past Member 4 years ago

learning never stops, if you think it does its just EGO!!!

Lynne Dur
Lynne Durham4 years ago

Thank you for the post & lucky you to have been there.

Jane H.
Jane H4 years ago

I liked this post!

Tamie R.
Tamie R4 years ago

For a summer job I have at times taken care of some elderly people. you learn alot from them and one, who was a retired school teacher, 94 years old and still going strong, just needed someone there, said always learn something new everyday. It helps the body and the brain...I also took care of a retired executive one summer and he loved to be read to, he could no longer read well, he was also 94, but he loved to hear the spoken word and to learn something. Learning never stops just because of age ... teachers are learners too!