Tender Dandelion Salad Recipe

Gathering our own salad is such a lovely way of connecting to the natural world. Dandelion greens–available in your own organic back yard or in the supermarket–are bursting with valuable carotenoids and vitamins, a true spring tonic that will enliven and nourish you and your family.

We include a great spring dressing recipe, too: add a little zip to all your salads!

3 cups dandelion leaves
2 thin slices red onion, separated into rings

1. On a sunny day, grab a basket and venture out on a foraging expedition. Be sure to choose dandelions leaves from areas that have never been sprayed, and are at least six feet from roadways, to avoid heavy metal contamination.

2. When you have about 3 cups of young, tender leaves, bring them indoors and wash them gently.

3. Serve, chilled if you like and topped with onion, along with the following dressing:



2 tablespoons olive oil
2 tablespoons flaxseed oil
2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar
1 teaspoon anise seed (optional)
2 teaspoons fresh peppermint, chopped
2 teaspoons tamari
2 ˝ teaspoons honey mustard or miso

1. Combine all ingredients and whisk thoroughly to blend.

Adapted from The Seasonal Detox Diet by Carrie L’Esperance (Inner Traditions, 2002). Copyright (c) 2002 by Carrie L'Esperance
Adapted from The Seasonal Detox Diet by Carrie L’Esperance (Inner Traditions, 2002).


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