Test Your Cat Knowledge

Feline Muse by Cherise Udell

Since so many people enjoyed my first Cat Quiz in “What Is Your Cat IQ?” I thought I’d put forth round two of quizzing your cat knowledge. So, invite a purring pussy cat onto your lap and take this informative quiz together.


1. All cats have retractable claws. True or False?

False. Cheetahs do not retract their claws.


2. Myth, legend, and folklore surround the Maine Coon Cat. One legend claims these cats are the descendants of  a cat belonging to Marie Antoinette. True or False?

True. According to legend, a ship captain named Samuel Clough attempted to help Marie Antoinette escape France, but was only able to save her cats. He sailed to America and left the kitties in Maine.


3. One cat can give birth to over 400 kittens in her lifetime. True of False?

True. A tabby named Dusty delivered 420 documented kittens in her lifetime. Hopefully, Dusty didn’t have to name them all!


4. Ailurophobia means “fear of cats.”  True or False?


5. Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Napoleon Bonaparte, Benito Mussolini and Adolph Hilter all hated cats. True or False?

True All of these men, who sought to dominate the world, did share a hatred of felines. Hmmmmm….


6. Feeding dog food to a cat on a regular basis can cause blindness in the cat. True or False?

True. Dog food typically lacks taurine, a nutrient essential for cat eye and heart health.


7. Carrots are toxic to cats. True or false?

False. But onions, green tomatoes, raw egg yolk, raw potatoes, grapes, raisins, poinsettias, philodendrons, dental floss, and aspirin can all cause havoc on a cat’s digestive system and health.

8. A group of kittens is called a litter. True or False?

False. Everyone I know refers to a group of kittens as a “litter,”  however the proper term is “kindle.”


9. The world’s largest feral cat population is in Egypt. True or False?

False. The largest feral cat population is in Rome. Over 300,000 feral cats call famous Roman landmarks such as the Coliseum and Vatican City, home.


10. An ancient Chinese legend maintains that the cat is the result of a romantic tryst between a lioness and a monkey. True or False?

True. The legend suggests that the lioness endowed her offspring with dignity, while the monkey passed on curiosity and playfulness. I would have never thought that one up myself, but now that the Chinese mention it, it makes lots of sense!


How did you do? Did any of these answers surprise you? Have you ever heard the term “kindle” used to refer to a group of kittens?   I am sure with a little creativity, we all could come up with a significantly more descriptive and endearing term to describe such cuteness!  Any suggestions?

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Kimmy H.
Kimmy H.1 years ago

Interesting read, thank you.

Peggy A.
Peggy A.3 years ago


Dale O.

Came back for another look at the cute kitten photos.

Robert O.
Robert O.3 years ago

Thanks Cherise.

Paula W.
Paula W.3 years ago

What about a cloy of kittens, a cuddle of kittens, a clutch of kittens ...

Darla Taylor
Darla Taylor4 years ago

Interesting article. I agree with Grainne, who could just sit by and document so many kittens and not takes steps to stop it. As for the men who wanted to dominate the world hating cats, I'm truly not surprised.

Dorothy A.
Dorothy A.4 years ago

So I guess the Pope doesn't have to worry about rats. I'm glad to learn that you shouldn't let cats eat dog food. Mine steal the dog's food daily. I'll have to stop that.


Shannon R.
Shannon R.4 years ago

I'm not surprised that there is a large feral cat population in Rome. I hear the pope is a *huge* cat person, so he probably doesn't mind having them around!

Dale Overall

Cats are Adorable Plus and enchanting, or so my cat always tells me. Being her human servant, catering to all her needs and demands, who could argue anything else!

Grainne O'Carroll
Grainne OCarroll4 years ago

Thanks for the interesting post! I feel for poor Dusty. Who would sit by and document a cat having so many kittens without intervening?