It’s in the Thanksgiving Day Details

I’ve heard that both God and the Devil are in the details, since it’s in the details that we experience nuances that transform ordinary experiences into special ones or not-so-great ones. As we prepare for Thanksgiving, the food is usually the star of the show, and we give it’s prep ample attention. But directing a bit of energy towards a few other details can enhance Thanksgiving or any other celebration you host in your home.  Don’t worry…I’m not going Martha on you…no need to pull out the glue gun.  These are common sense and easy to do, but they happily will affect the quality of the day.

1. First impressions: Make your guests feel instantly welcomed by greeting them with a seasonal wreath on your door and a clean doormat. Not only will this increase your home’s curb appeal, but it sets the tone that something special is happening and that your guests are expected.

2. Create CDs of your family’s favorite tunes to provide an upbeat or comforting ambiance for the festivities.

3. A lit fireplace or wood burning stove provides a multitude of sensual delights: the sounds, smell and warmth of the crackling wood.

4. The aromas of roasting turkey, baked desserts, and deliciously seasoned sides create a strong enough symphony for our noses. If you’re lighting candles, go easy on everyone’s sense of smell by burning only unscented ones.

5. Use natural cleaning products to avoid assaulting the senses with the artificial smells of chemical-laden commercial cleaners. Use baking soda to clean your oven, and a spray bottle with mild liquid soap mixed with a gentle smelling, antibacterial essential oil such as lavender to clean germy door handles.

6. Everyone doesn’t feel comfortable with a “no shoes” policy, but most people would never say so to their host. If you’d prefer that people not wear shoes in your home, provide a basket of new, comfy socks in a variety of sizes that your guests can wear and take home afterward.
7. Have a fully loaded bathroom. Make it obvious where the extra toilet tissue is and what guests should use to wipe their hands. Whole bars or pumps of soap guarantee that no one will be caught dirty handed.

8. Drape extra, cozy throws on the back of your sofa and chairs to invite your guests to nestle in and make themselves at home.

9. Make time for everyone to personally and briefly express their gratitude. That’s one detail that really should not get lost in the cranberry sauce.


Kathleen Carrier
Past Member 6 years ago

can always use extra tips to make things easier on holidays. Thank you.

Teresa Wlosowicz
Teresa W.6 years ago

I like the 'no shoes' policy. I feel most comfortable barefoot or just in socks. :-)

Maria Westin
Past Member 6 years ago

Good ideas for all celebrations - not just Thanksgiving.

Rhonda Maness
Rhonda Maness6 years ago

Great tips, thank you!

Molly P.
Molly P.6 years ago

Love the idea of giving out fun socks!

Teresa Mac Tavish


Robin H.
Robin H.6 years ago

These are fantastic suggestions! Thank you so much!

Bee Hive Lady: Good luck with your meal, and don't stress too much! Your friends are there to enjoy your wonderful company, not to judge your cooking skills. It'll all turn out great! :)

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! :)

Pam Rhia S.
.6 years ago

Really Great Tips! Thanks

Neil K.
Past Member 6 years ago

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Stephen R.
Stephen R.6 years ago

so excited about thanksgiving :)
I liked your suggestions.