The Brain Hazards of Football

In the wake of the suicide of football player Junior Seau, some have wondered if he suffered from depression. Neurologist Walter Bradley discusses the potential damage football does to the brain.

Neurologist Describes Football Brain Hazards
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Huber F.
Huber F.3 years ago


Duane B.
.4 years ago

Maybe there's a reason the rest of the world plays soccer!

Harsha Vardhana R
Harsha Vardhana4 years ago

Hope some protection like a helmet becomes the rule soon.

Nancy B.
No B.4 years ago

it is a brutal sport which we encourage.

Tom Sullivan
Tom C Sullivan4 years ago

Never did think it was to smart, also think of the boxers getting there brains nocked out

Elaine A.
Elaine Al Meqdad4 years ago

You can not be hit at bulldozer strength game after game, season after season, year after year and at the end of that career find that your cranial system is still 100% intact! This is relative to all the recent suicides that have come from ex NFL players, the latest, Junior Seau. As well as another player recently retired, who committed suicide in July this past year. This is not a game for the weak and yet the human body can only take so much abuse.

Mari Garcia
Mari Garcia4 years ago

makes sense, i dont understand the thrill of it, it seems dangerous for the whole body

Wim Zunnebeld
Wim Zunnebeld4 years ago


Wim Zunnebeld
Wim Zunnebeld4 years ago


Wim Zunnebeld
Wim Zunnebeld4 years ago