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The Evils of Monsanto

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Monsanto is Destroying the Food System Via Their GMO Crops

Virtually all of the claims of benefit of GM crops – increased yields, more food production, controlled pests and weeds, reductions in chemical use in agriculture, drought-tolerant seeds – have not materialized.

The Global Citizens’ Report on the State of GMOs states:

  • Contrary to the claim of feeding the world, genetic engineering has not increased the yield of a single crop.
  • Herbicide tolerant (Roundup Ready) crops were supposed to control weeds and Bt crops were intended to control pests. Instead of controlling weeds and pests, GE crops have led to the emergence of super weeds and super pests … Herbicide resistant crops such as Roundup Ready cotton can create the risk of herbicide resistant “superweeds” by transferring the herbicide resistance to weeds.
  • Despite claims that genetically modified organisms (GMOs) will lower the levels of chemicals (pesticides and herbicides) used, quite the opposite has occurred, with 1.6 billion pounds of glyphosate (the active in ingredient in Roundup) being applied to American soil in 2007 alone. This is of great concern both because of the negative impacts of these chemicals on ecosystems and humans, and because there is the danger that increased chemical use will cause pests and weeds to develop resistance, requiring even more chemicals in order to manage them.
  • Monsanto has been claiming that through genetic engineering it can breed crops for drought tolerance and other climate-resilient traits. This is a false promise.
  • Among the false claims made by Monsanto and the Biotechnology industry is that GE foods are safe. However, there are enough independent studies to show that GE foods can cause severe health damage.

Thanks to glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto’s non-selective, broad-spectrum herbicide Roundup, that is sprayed on massive acreages of GM Roundup Ready soybeans, cotton, and corn grown in the United States each and every year, super weeds are growing at an alarming rate. It’s estimated that more than 130 types of weeds spanning 40 U.S. states are now herbicide-resistant, and the superweeds are showing no signs of stopping. In fact, the situation is getting progressively worse.

Extremely hardy Roundup-resistant weeds are already boosting costs and cutting crop yields for U.S. farmers. And with world food stores already strained, diminished crop production is a serious problem. In addition, the creation of these superweeds is leading farmers to douse their fields with ever increasing amounts of herbicides in a desperate attempt to stop their spread.

Along with the environmental devastation, research published in 2010 showed that glyphosate causes birth defects in frogs and chicken embryos at far lower levels than used in agricultural and garden applications. And numerous animal studies suggest reproductive problems are a common side effect of glyphosate exposure and the consumption of genetically engineered Roundup Ready crops.

Quite shockingly, the amount of glyphosate residue you can be exposed to through food is remarkably high, and is very close to the maximum residue limit (MRL) legally allowed   According to GMO expert Jeffrey Smith, there is so much glyphosate in GM soybeans, when they were introduced, Europe had to increase their allowable residue levels by 200-fold! For more information, please listen to this informative interview with Dr. Don Huber, an expert in an area of science that relates to the toxicity of genetically engineered (GE) foods.

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Dr. Mercola

Dr. Mercola has been passionate about health and technology for most of his life. As a doctor of osteopathic medicine, he treated many thousands of patients for over 20 years. In the mid 90’s he integrated his passion for natural health with modern technology via the internet and developed a website, to spread the word about natural ways to achieve optimal health.


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4:29AM PDT on Jul 28, 2012

Boycott monsanto and go organic.

2:48AM PDT on May 22, 2012

I was prescribed an Iron, Folic Acid & Serine Capsule that on purchasing I see as ingredients Oil from soy beans, Soy Lecithin and I have no idea how to find out if there is use of Natural soy or GMO soy. It is called Foliferrin and made by Hasco-Lek Poland. Anybody with some real knowledge about this, I appreciate your response!
(I also emailed the manufacturer awaiting their response as well.)

11:00AM PDT on Mar 27, 2012

Monsanto is a corporation with only one agenda--
its bottom line. Greed fuels its growth, with no
concern about people or the environment.

6:47AM PDT on Mar 25, 2012

Feed E. all you have to do is a bit of research into the company and there are tons of facts to support this view.

6:46AM PDT on Mar 25, 2012

So why can't we make our legislators here in the USA LABEL all GMO products/foods? How many of our children's cereals have GMO corn in them. Why is Walmart selling GMO sweet corn without labeling it? WHY???????????

My happiest day would be if this company went belly up or changed what they are doing.

12:46AM PDT on Mar 24, 2012

I wish Americans would truly make their feelings known about Monsanto. Yes, and I agree, there are too many American organisations who are under no pressure from their own people to stop them causing damage to our earth.

11:04AM PDT on Mar 23, 2012

Monsanto has to be stopped!

8:50AM PDT on Mar 23, 2012

Pat L. part 2

find the truth and join one of the many (join them all) movements to ride the world of this toxic company. The truth is out there (to borrow an old phrase). Read, become educated and protect our country, our world and stop Monsanto.

8:47AM PDT on Mar 23, 2012

Monsanto is an evil company of 45,000+ employees here and outside the U.S. whose mission is to make poison, sell it for a profit, sell non-renewable seeds to farmers here and in 3rd world countries who will have to borrow money to purchase the next season's non-renewable seeds. Investigate and you'll find proof that farmers aren't aware that the seeds they purchase will not grow a second season. Why? Think of Monsanto as an evil growing inside you. At first you notice nothing but a little discomfort, but soon it becomes hard to breathe, swallow and function, and finally, you are redundant (as in dead). Monsanto hides behind their phony good intentions, propagated by the lobbyists and politicians they bought and own. They had a deciding hand in the restructuring of the so-called food pyramid. Their dirty fingerprints are on everything from GMO's to poisons to the overthrow of small, individual farmers and organic seed depositories. Monsanto is an evil that wants to rule us by making us dependent upon their products. Please read more about Monsanto, the companies it sleeps with, controls, the politicians who go in and out their back door, and the plan Monsanto has to destroy the lives of helpless people who are trying to eke out lives in countries we can't pronounce and which are not on the list of countries we should be assisting and protecting. Avoid Monsanto, it products, its b.s mission statement, and help bring it to it knees. Monsanto=Killing Machine. Get active, find

8:01AM PDT on Mar 23, 2012

They already give these foods to European nations, which some won't let it into their country. I don't get it? If they can make this poison. Why can't they just make regular food or seeds? They are trying to cull the poor people of this world. Get rid of many of us so only the elite will be on this planet. We need to get rid of Monsanto and put them all in jail, including the elite. They are going there, don't worry. They have been caught up to and will be judged by us.

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