The Four Magical Powers

The greatest confusion reigns in our civilization concerning questions of power. Aware of the dangers of abuse of power, it is worth investigating the components of our own will and consider their place in the harmonization of our mental energies.

Strategies of power cultivate the warriorlike spirit by directing power in a direction of liberty and equipping it with the techniques of right means, developing the good and the better. We do not fight against evil but for liberation. In so doing, we will see in what ways training of the will regarding power leads far beyond so-called normality into the realm of magic. There are four magical powers to this end; read about them here:

1. The road to power of intention.
Intention is directed toward some object of the inner or outer world. The best actions for developing the road to power of intention are those in which generosity or forgiving and protective nonviolence predominate as motives. And, we use it only in those everyday actions that we have first wisely apprehended and reflected upon, and about the purpose of which we have clear comprehension.

2. The road to power of willpower.
Willpower takes its object of concentration the growth of energy. Success in developing willpower consists not in development of its dynamic, but rather in an intensification of its original power. In daily life, this power expresses itself as tirelessness in the accomplishment of a well-considered goal.

3. The road to power of consciousness
The road to power of consciousness is characterized by the practitioner’s trying, during all his free time, to maintain his experiencing on higher levels of consciousness through connection with a chosen meditative object. In daily life we can more intensively experience conditionality and impermanence, the inclination to simplify things, the arising of kindness and compassion, the breathing rhythm of other beings, and so on. The road to power of consciousness can transform any sphere of life into a field of consciousness culture.

4. The road to power of investigation.
The power of investigation can be briefly characterized as the high art of asking questions and solving problems. Investigation emphasizes the discriminating aspect of consciousness, which is already present in less developed states of consciousness as the noticing of dissimilarities and oppositions. The road to power of investigation guides awareness away from the ugly spheres tainted by aggression, greed, and delusion.

Adapted from The Practice of Happiness, by Mirko Fryba (Shambhala, 1995). Copyright (c) 1995 by Mirko Fryba. Reprinted by permission of Shambhala.
Adapted from The Practice of Happiness, by Mirko Fryba (Shambhala, 1995).


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Or Barry Trotter...

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A great article. Thank you.

Your intent is one factor. But, when you have a stack of powermongers who have worse intent attached to your goal, yipes! Let's not forget the world is full of illusion and trickery. I would love to be optimistic that things are all going wonderfully and that my intent is going to bash through the unhappiness. I will be the first to admit it hasn't happened in a long time. It also appears that I might be losing the battle often. No great person ever got to their goal by intention alone. A little magic, the right people coming together and many other variables, especially good timing, pull it together. We may not get to the top of the mountain intending to go around it, but sometimes that's the only way to the other side.

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yes, very insightful!

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these are good. Thank you.