The Inner Journey To Knowing God

To judge by the outer show, everyone’s life moves rapidly, if chaotically, through scene after scene. Yet you might never suspect that there even was an inner journey. Saints prove that there is. Having arrived at the goal, they can look back and say that just beneath the surface, human life has a pattern, a rising arc.

At first, the possibility of knowing God is dim, unlikely, a mere shadow of a possibility. As threats and fears subside, the possibilities become more interesting and plausible. Then they become intriguing, something you find it worthwhile to contemplate and perhaps even test out. Tentative testing turns more decisive – you actually begin to risk making choices that defy the ego’s expectations.

You have done enough testing; now you want to play. You feel assured in your spiritual choices. You acquire mastery over the spiritual domain, which lets you enjoy incredible freedom in the material domain, a freedom never dreamed of earlier. After which, there are no more choices to be made.

The saint merges into the God he reveres, and the whole universe operates automatically according to the same principles that were once so irrelevant to the struggle of trying to survive.

Every event in your life falls somewhere on a scale of reactions, and the overall pattern is a rising arc. The road to sainthood begins in ordinary circumstances with ordinary situations. There is no shorter path to God.

Adapted from How To Know God, by Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 2000).


Victor M.
Victor M.4 years ago

Be good person, that's all

Tim Cheung
Tim C.5 years ago


Toni C.
Toni C.5 years ago

Thanks for sharing

Robert O.
Robert O.5 years ago


the lionheart l.
.6 years ago

Dear Bonita; I came online today and read your post that was mailed to me.There are only certain times I am moved to write a response and your post has opened me up a bit to write. I am learning to try to protect myself and my uniqueness, cause to open up to to have yourself under full attack by the mod squad who has all the negative answers to why you are illegal or not at all. I get so I get tired of allowing myself to be put thru that by people who have no understanding or experience to what I am about. and what I am talking about. Their whole goal is to destroy me and the beautiful message I bring.
I agree with your points and say we all have a purpose in this world and won't be satisfied until we find it. With me I feel the pain of others, physically and emotionally. I guess that is because I have been thru so much. I guess it is like reliving it all over again. I am very compassionate. And like you I know alot of things can be prevented-if- we had the know how, the wisdom and the understanding. Yet there is something on this planet who willfully makes the effort to keep us from it. We seem to be satisfied with our heads stuck in the sand and killing each other or ourselves over trickets when the greatest value is us. Never the less I feel pain when most of us die ahead of time. I say most for a reason. Those who suffer extremely and can't get well. Those who are criminally insane and hurt others and I am relieved that they are released from this sphere of existence. I

Bonita Annis
Bonita Annis6 years ago

My own journey to true belief has been a rocky one. I've always felt that I should be in control. I thank God every day that I finally found that giving up the control and letting God work through me has given me just not more satisfaction in my life, but also a deep sense of peace. Like all things in life have a positive and a negative, opposites, if you like, there is a choice to be made. Free will.. God's greatest gift. If you see a wrong, do all you can do to right it. There will always be pain. Do what you can to relieve it. God does not allow tragedy, it is Free Will...Maybe a bad choice, but it's ours to make. Chose, if example, not to use a seat belt or baby seat. Don't blame God for the accident that takes a life when the choice was there that could have prevented it. God has given me the strength to get through many, many hurtful things in my life, simply because I do not doubt his Strength as I doubt my own.... You can travel down a road in life with Faith, or you can sit on the side of the road and never dare to try.. My Choice is to try with the Faith that if I stumble, He will pick me up...

Ioan Pop
Ioan Pop6 years ago


the lionheart l.
.6 years ago

There are so many reasons why people do violence in the name of God. Sometimes it is revenge. Sometimes its oppression and deliverance, greed, selfishness and advancement of one's own agenda like imperilialism entittlements. WHo the God is they are representing? Ask them. The world is paganistic and there is many different brands of any religion. For me when a person wakes up to accept there is a real God, at that point it will all fall in line and when you pray ask God to show you what is truth and help your unbelief.

.6 years ago


the lionheart l.
.6 years ago

I once felt like I would like to be in a room of schalors and just listen to them speak as I quest to thirst for knowlege and every chance I can get I do. This is another way to gain insight (there I spelled that word right) about my query on life and God. I am also learning the hard way when you open yourself up to share stuff, it opens you up to be criticised and eaten alive. Really to the point of destroying anything good about you. So I lick my wounds and do the same dumb thing over again. Such fun. But the most important treasures I don't share. My belief in God is because of God himself. He is the rason I believe. God himself has to convince you that he is real and active. Without that it is all a bedtime story like alice in wonderland.And this raving wolves thing. There are some people who are just not interested in being a raving wolf, no more than you are. It pays to be wise and it pays to understand not everyone is out to hurt you. That's why each should do his or her own seeking and praying and studying and of course sharing.