The Law of Attraction

Every thought vibrates, every thought radiates a signal, and every thought attracts a matching signal back. We call that process the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction says: That which is like unto itself is drawn. And so, you might see the powerful Law of Attraction as a sort of Universal Manager that sees to it that all thoughts that match one another line up.

To what are you giving your attention? Find out why the way you give your attention matters.

You understand this principle when you turn on your radio and deliberately tune your receiver to match a signal from a broadcasting tower. You do not expect to hear music that is being broadcast on the radio frequency of 101FM to be received on your tuner when it is set at 98.6FM. You understand that radio vibrational frequencies must match, and the Law of Attraction agrees with you.

So, as your experience causes you to launch vibrational rockets of desires, you must then find ways of holding yourself consistently in vibrational harmony with those desires in order to receive their manifestation.

If there is something you desire and you put your attention to it, it will come to you. On the other hand if there is something you desire and you focus on the fact that you do not have it, then the Law of Attraction will continue to match your not having it vibration.

Inspired by Ask and It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks (Hay House, 2004).


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We are what we eat. So if we consume negativity we draw that to us. Positive thoughts draw in more positive etc. It takes a lot of practice to change how one thinks but I am trying. Chuck out the rubbish and concentrate on the good. And An Attitude of Gratitude. Thanks for article.

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