Is Happiness a Choice?

Greg Hickman shares how choosing to be happy will change your life.

When you realize that happiness is a choice, a lot of things change. They get easier. It’s easier to have fun, relax and move forward in your life with the things that matter.

Realizing that happiness is a choice didn’t come easy though. I believe that having a strong sense of self-awareness really allows you to see how achievable happiness is and what happiness actually means.

When I could really understand myself and my goals and really not let other people’s perception of me or my goals bother me…being happy got a lot easier.

For a while I was too busy comparing myself to others and what those people had in life. I got hung up on what other people thought of me and let it dictate my actions.

It’s easy to let that get out of control and lose all sense of yourself and what YOU actually want. It gets masked by what you think you want, because you’re just comparing yourself to others.

I will tell you that the second you can release yourself from your constant self judgement and measuring what you have against the next person….you’ll see things in a new light.

You’ll approach life differently with a new sense of joy and fulfillment.

I challenge you to make a list of all the things that make you happy now and all the things that you think would make you happier. Then make sure the things that will make you happier were not subconsciously added based on someone else’s desires.

We’re unfortunately our own worst enemies. When we can acknowledge that we’re the only one standing in our way we’re able to push through and progress.

I once let a relationship that went south own me and I found myself in a dark period of my life where I realized that I had not been putting myself first. It was rough to get out of it, to be honest….Continue reading at

Greg is a mobile marketing strategist.

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Ernie Miller
william Miller3 years ago

thanks some of the comments are longer than the artical

Deborah W.
Deborah W3 years ago

What's the one thing in your life so far that's made you really happy? Can it be recaptured, memory-shared, or paid forward?

Each day presents new possibilities and gifts (nature, friends, pets, etc.) and should not be taken lightly ... they're tools put in your path for a reason if you are or can be made aware of them.

Biby C.
Biby C3 years ago

Like I always say, 'Your happiness is your own responsibility'. No one else is responsible. Life is about making choices.

Rosemary H.
Rosemary H3 years ago

Thanks a lot, Jenevieve,

Yes I understand this. I really feel for you being without a car because of this woman and the collusion of police. In the UK I'd be able to appeal to my MP to sort out the mess, if he could. I wouldn't know if your senator or congressman provides a similar service, and if he does, I guess you've already appealed to him.

My situation is similar to yours except that the lorry driver who caused the accident can't be traced. I really need my car, but my insurance company objects, as yours does. Having just come out of hospital, I had to start telephoning lots of organisations regarding the accident. What horrified me was being told by the insurance company that because I'd avoided a collision with the lorry only to go into an unfortunately placed telegraph pole, that the accident was 'my fault'! I replied that missing the lorry proved I was a good driver rather than a bad one, and if I'd hit the lorry I could have been exclaiming: 'Not my fault, not my fault', all the way to the Pearly Gates! The woman I was talking to assured me that she understood, however, that was the system... (more)

Rosemary H.
Rosemary H3 years ago

(cont) Fortunately, I have another arrow for my bow. I am disabled and the car was provided by an organisation called Motability. When I became eligible for one of their cars, I only held a motorbike licence, but I was told that my answer was to get an Aixiam, a tiny automatic car that can be driven on my existing licence. There's a shortage of good automatic instructors locally, but I'm lucky enough to live in hills that have a network of very quiet lanes where I could teach myself to drive. I called the car Sunshine, and for the last five years she's given me the freedom I enjoyed on a motorbike 30 years ago! With next to no buses here, I've been utterly dependent on her. (more)

Rosemary H.
Rosemary H3 years ago

Oh, chopped up in spite of my best efforts...

I've counted all the mental attibutes that I have and wouldn't want to face life without. I realise that I learned every last one through adversity. If one door shuts, another door opens... (more)

As I was going to say...

(cont) All Motability's employees are extremely helpful and courteous, a fact I've often been very grateful for. A wonderful lady has helped me in the past by talking to the insurance company about various knocks Sunshine suffered when I'd left her, believing I'd parked her in a good place. The insurance company disliked me anyway because of these bumps, but the Motability lady pleaded my case until they agreed that they would insure another Motability car for me if I passed a standard driving test. After the recent crash, the insurance company refused to insure me at all. However this lady has persuaded them to reconsider once I've passed the test.

I am totally confident that I will pass the test and that my supporter in Motabilty will succeed in pleading my case. Just to help things along, my driving instructor has told me that in his 20 years experience, he has never met another self-taught motorist as good as me, and he is prepared to put it in writing. (more)

Rosemary H.
Rosemary H3 years ago

(cont) Meanwhile... today I should be at a show 30 miles away enjoying the sight of Shire horses, many of whom belong to friends I only met because Sunshine took me to so many shows. I HATE missing shows, so typing this sentence is a clear reminder that I shouldn't give this another thought. I will spend today firmly focussed on my artwork, tending plants that need my attention, and gardening. I began by watering a lovely purple and white orchid I bought yesterday from the shop over the road and choosing a container. Otherwise I'm looking for things I've wanted to do for ages, but not had time for when I was on the road going places. If you look at the Care2 article about dogs and time, you will see my post about the black pheasant who reminded me to be mindful. I haven't finished painting him yet... Whatever I do, I aim to be glad I've done it.

Does this show that I understand? I think it's just that I express things differently. I don't bring the universe into it, or use the word 'attract' in the same sense. Instead I believe that if we want anything with our whole heart and soul and mind and body and spirit and strength, it will happen, but often not in a way that we expect. God doesn't stop bad things from happening, but He does give us the ability to grow because of them. Being in hospital gives people a lot of time to think, and I've counted all the mental attibutes that I have and wouldn't want to face life without. I realise that I learned every last one through a

Rosemary H.
Rosemary H3 years ago

(cont) I don't like the idea that problems are 'sent' by some benign force or other to give us the opportunity to grow. If we go down that road, the bottom line is the Holocaust, and the idea of any good being sending that is utterly shocking! So when you think about the horrors people are more likely to experience , where do you draw the line? God simply gives us the ability to overcome.

In hospital I came across a book called: 'Chicken Soup for the Soul'. I picked it up thinking it might be saccharin, like most chain mails on the Internet, but the first story made me exclaim: 'Wow!' It set me thinking about the circumstances that led to me becoming an artist and all the wonderful things that happened as a consequence.

Anyway, Jenevieve, thank you very much for the explanation. I wish you a happy outcome so you can drive again, and meanwhile much happiness enjoying the good things in your life. I realised long ago that happiness is valuing what you have, not longing for whater it is you haven't got... if you can! Now let's see if I can divide this response so Care2 doesn't chop it up, as it did your posts.

Jenevieve P.
Past Member 3 years ago

Sorry, Care2 did it again! (Con't)
You can make a request to the Universe Rosemary, but, if you putr out the request already feeling within yourself that you're not going to get it. the Universe picks up on this. it FEELS your energy saying "I don't believe this will come true, WELL!!, then, the Universe is going to give you more of what you vibration because you didn't ALLOW what you are desiring into your life. The Universe FELS your SUBLIMINAL ENERGY as well as your pertinent needs. it answers your pertinent needs before your "Fluff needs."
BUT!!, if you see it and feel what is it you are wanting, the Universe feels this as well. Therefore you created a possibility for it to happen because you put out the signal upon exactly what it is that you are desiring.

In reference to BEING HAPPY, You can CHOOSE to be happy for no reason at all other than TO JUST BE HAPPY! The Universe feels the sincerity of your thought and feelings, and so it acts like a magic genie saying,.. "Your wish is my command" because it can FEEL that you are deserving and allowing for opportunities to show up in your life!
If you put no effort into each day,.. then the universe is not going to present you with anything because it can feel that you don't care because you have made no request and no possibility of Being. It feels your comfort and complacency so the Universe will leave you be. YOU GET TO CREATE YOUR POSSIBILITY.
Does this answer your question?

Jenevieve P.
Past Member 3 years ago

It goes by three elements of fact:
The first and most crucial element to CREATING your POSSIBILITY is to wake up and CHOOSE WHO YOU ARE GOING TO BE TODAY! If you CHOOSE to wake up and be depressed today, You are going to have more experiences that cause you to be more depressed and you will attract others who are also depressed. verses!!..

If you CHOOSE to be HAPPY today, Everything you do will have a HAPPY energetic essence to it, and your day will manifest ABOVE AND BEYOND YOUR EXPECTATIONS because you put it out there to be happy. AND, based on that, you will attract happy people into your life that cohesively CREATE HAPPY CIRCUMSTANCES.

By this same concept, you can be anything else, such as BEING PRODUCTIVE. If you CHOOSE to BE productive, watch what shows up in your life today, because of the fact that YOU SET AN INTENTION TO BE PRODUCTIVE!
The second element is the Law of Attraction. How you FEEL is directly linked to WHAT YOU WILL ATTRACT INTO YOU LIFE.

The third element fact is: That you can make a request to the Universe for what you want, BUT, if you are not a vibrational match upon what you request, the Universe FEELS YOUR VIBRATIONAL energy and not the request. If it FEELS that your energy is saying "I don't believe this will come true, WELL!!, then, the Universe is going to give you more of what you vibration