Pets with Gift Wrap (Slideshow)

Ahhh, Christmas is almost over — but now the real fun can start for your pets: they can play in the leftover gift wrap! Enjoy the following slideshow of pets, including some from the Care2 family, with wrapping paper. These cute pets celebrated their own version of Boxing Day!


This is Bunny, a Care2 pet, sitting in a box enjoying the crinkle of wrapping paper.

Great! I get a brand new hiding spot!

Don’t tell me you want to put something else in these gift boxes?!

The wrapping paper is WAY better than the actual gift.


This recently adopted 9 year old (not so senior) cat’s name was Petey, when he was rescued from Danbury Animal Welfare.  When his Care2 family first got him, he hid under the guest bed and they had to slide him out like a cake in the oven, and hence picked up the name, Petey Cake! Here, Petey Cake “helps” wrap the presents.

This is Daphne the Jack Russell Terrier. She is four years old and lives in Shepherdsville, Kentucky with her Care2 member family.  Besides her love for opening presents, she also likes tug-o-war (especially with your sleeves) and ham bones.  She is full of love and kisses!

This is precious Kinky, who was 12 when he left his Care2 family.

This is Care2 pet, Rocco, and he is about 8 to 9 years old. He is the biggest baby/lover/lapcat you could ever ask for. He loves his wet food and his Mama.

While Christmas has wrapped up — and been unwrapped — we still have more spirited pets for you to meet. Stay tuned for more holiday cuteness. If you missed previous posts in this series, you can meet more Care2 pets celebrating the holidays here.


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Melania Padilla3 years ago

Jajaja love them!

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So sweet and cute.Thanks for sharing

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thanks for sharing :)

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That tiny black kitten...........

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So cute!

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that's one curly cat lol ...

Tammy Taylor
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awe, bless your hearts for rescuing a black cat ...