Feng Shui: 9 Basic Cures

Use your intuition, and if you feel as if there is a place in your home that feels out of balance or needs the flow of energy modified, then feng shui provides what are termed the Nine Basic Cures or energy corrections that can be applied to your home.

The Nine Basic Cures generate, anchor, deflect and absorb chi (energy). Most of the cures use some form of energy, be it light, sound, wind, water or combinations of these energies. This list of nine really got us thinking!

1. Bright Objects
a) crystals
b) mirrors
c) lights

2. Sounds
a) wind chimes
b) bells

3. Living Objects
a) plants
b) fish bowls
c) flowers
d) birds, hamsters, iguanas, etc.

4. Moving Objects
a) mobiles
b) fountains
c) windmills

5. Heavy Objects
a) stones
b) statues
c) large potted plants

6. Electrical Objects
a) stereos (the type of music played is crucial for the feng shui correction; you might reconsider heavy metal, for example?)
b) fans

7. Symbolic Objects
a) musical instruments
b) items you love
c) handmade crafts

8. Colors
a) red is a strong chi-generator
b) see How Color Feels in the Home and What Color Does Your Home Need?.

9. Others
This cure opens the door for the lateral and symbolic applications of these principles in ways that are appropriate to your lifestyle, culture and dťcor.

a) careful selection of posters or art work
b) symbolic images

Adapted from The Feng Shui Companion, by George Birdsall (Inner Traditions, 1997). Copyright (c) 1997 by George Birdsall. Reprinted by permission of Inner Traditions.
Adapted from The Feng Shui Companion, by George Birdsall (Inner Traditions, 1997).


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