The Wheel Of Samskara

How can I retrieve a sense of self that fits one reality? The answer once again is freedom, yet in a most peculiar way. You must free yourself from decisions. The voice in your head will die down once you stop making choices.

A samskara is a choice you remember from the past. Each choice changed you by a tiny fraction. The process began at birth and continues to this day. Instead of fighting it, we all believe we should keep on making choices; as a result, we keep adding new samskaras and reinforcing the old ones.

In Buddhism, this is called the wheel of samskara because the same old reactions keep coming around again and again. In a cosmic sense, the wheel of samskara is what drives a soul from one lifetime to the next Ė old imprints impel us to face the same problems time and again, even beyond death.

Kierkegaard wrote that the person who has found God has freed himself from choices. But what does it feel like to have God make your decisions for you? I think you would have to be deeply connected to God to even come close to answering that question.

Yet in a state of simple awareness, the most evolutionary choices seem to come spontaneously. While the ego agonizes over every detail of a situation, a deeper part of your awareness knows what to do already, and its choices emerge with amazing finesse and perfect timing.

Hasnít everyone experienced flashes of clarity in which they suddenly know just what to do? Choiceless awareness is another name for free awareness. By freeing up the choice-maker inside, you reclaim your right to live without boundaries, acting on the will of God with complete trust.

Adapted from The Book of Secrets, by Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 2004).


Laura Saxon
.3 years ago

Very enlightening article. Thanks for sharing.

peggy p.
peggy p5 years ago

thank you

K s Goh
KS Goh5 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Sharon Schaffhauser

to choose or not....

Ellinor S.
Ellinor S6 years ago

thank you

Uma Chernoff
Judith Shafer7 years ago

I trust the wheel will always place me at the choices that offer me the best opportunity to grow spiritually. Some of life's lessons are so traumatic, like love, that perhaps no one in their right mind would knowingly plunge into them; when the important choices are before us it's a matter of values, of what is important to us, that dictates the path. I came into this life firmly rooted in what I wanted from this experience. I was led by dream and desire to choices that would set the course. I knew that I was different from those around me, the things that were normal for them to want held no attraction. I didn't know about soul age behavior so Im felt inferior since I couldn't work up any ambition on the material level and my parent's marriage looked so boring to me that I couldn't see why I should bother in that direction. Still, here I am satisfied that I have grown through the lessons that my high self desires to master thus far. Believing as I do that God is not separate from creation I don't feel that I am placing my fate exterior to my self when I surrender to my own high self to be led,the divine nature of all beings places us in direct contact with the ALL THAT IS, it's just a matter of where our attention is focused. All soul, the core of all living beings is a piece of God, one at the source, multi at the tendrils where our attention tends to be rooted. Yet always the many are expressions of the one finding our way back to unity awareness.

Nightcat Mau
Nightcat Mau7 years ago

Amen, to that Lynn! It is very hard for me to admit I may not be in the right. Honestly my stand now is that there is no right. Only what works and what doesn't. Then criminals come along and prove there is at least something that is really wrong. Arrgghhh, LOL!

Lynn T.
.7 years ago

Ahh, yes Nightcat, our greatest teachers are those who push our buttons the most! If there was nothing to learn, then they would not get to us! I just wish sometimes some of them would fade away and stop making me learn so darn much LOL!

Nightcat Mau
Nightcat Mau7 years ago

I do get where Deepak is going. I don't think he is suggesting though that we zone out or become lifeless puppets. When you evolve the right path opens to you. It becomes natural to go forward then, without so much fear and over-thinking.

That said, when nutters come on here that apperently hate everything, including themselves and God/dess they do tend to test one's mettle.

I'm guessing Goddess put them here so the process wouldn't be TOO easy. We get to work for our keep, LOL!

We all know the right thing to do. Most of us just ignore it because feeding the ego is a high. It is wonderful to walk around feeling we have everything figured out, and everyone else is dead wrong.

We get so used to it, no wonder we can't see the truth. Hard to let God do anything when we are high on ourselves, you dig?

Wonderful article and comments as always.

Robin B.
Robin B7 years ago

surrendering to the will of God, sounds very islamic, but I see what he is saying. I wanted some herbal tea because I have a cold and it's very soothing. I walked over to the microwave to get the cup of water and then I spotted the peppermint tea. That's the one I want! Declared my egoic mind. But my higher mind was swifter, opened the cabinet door, pulled out the Tension Tamer Tea and put a bag in the cup. I did not make that decision, apparently God did.