They Need You! Volunteer Now

Did you know that doing volunteer work can be as simple as playing with a dog or spending some time on your computer? You might do those things anyway, so why not do a little extra to help out those in need? Here are a few great ways to volunteer that will make your do-good work feel like do-good play.

Volunteer through Care2
At the Care2 Volunteer Network you’ll find the world’s largest listing of volunteer opportunities with socially responsible companies! We’ve teamed up with to track down over 75,000 volunteering opportunities at any given time. Just enter in a keyword and your location, and be inspired by the array of altruistic possibilities that await you. Making a difference is just a click away.

Be a UN Volunteer, from home!
United Nations Volunteers (UNV) has an Online Volunteering Service that connects development organizations and volunteers over the Internet and supports their effective online collaboration. How cool is that? You can be an UN volunteer from the comfort of your own home! This service has helped more than 1,000 non-profit development organizations benefit from the work of more than 12,000 individuals from 182 countries. Work includes providing technical expertise, supporting project and resources management, data collection, database development, newsletters production and translation, moderation of online discussion groups, etc.

Play with Pets
What could be better than playing with pets? When volunteering at your local shelter, you might bathe and groom the animals, walk dogs, help socialize animals, or play with cats. Many facilities count on volunteers to stay in business. You may also be able to assist with dog walking, fund-raising, administrative tasks, or help out at pet adoptions. The possibilities are endless; and it’s a great way to volunteer as a family. Check out Pets 911 Local Volunteering Opportunities to find a shelter or rescue organization looking for volunteers in your area.

Schmooze at Sundance
OK, so maybe this isn’t quite as selfless as ending hunger or comforting homeless pets, but did you know you can be a volunteer at the Sundance Film Festival? There are 1,200 volunteer positions at the festival, and some swank benefits as well, like festival access, special screenings and parties, etc. Don’t think of it as a vacation, film-watching and elbow rubbing–rather that you’re doing your part to support the discovery and development of independent artists and audiences.

Find Your Match
For other volunteer opportunities, visit VolunteerMatch, which is dedicated to helping people find a great place to volunteer. The organization offers a variety of online services to support a community of non-profit, volunteer and business leaders committed to civic engagement–and is a great place to start volunteering.


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thnx for this info

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Lynn D.
Lynn D.3 years ago

Wonderful article and another thought --- every city I've lived in has a LOT of various volunteer opportunities available! I know a person who signed up to volunteer at a shelter and got stuck cleaning out the gutters (NOT what he thought he would be doing)!!Thank you!

Joy S.
Joy s.4 years ago

I volunteer at my local hospital one day a week and one day a week, we sew at church and make quilts for those who need them.

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thanks. i'll volunteer to proof-read care2 articles. :)

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Thanks for the article.

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Thanks Melissa.