Cute Tiny Bat (Video)

Bats may play villains in movies, but in reality they are very beneficial and valuable creatures. Bats also have a very sweet and gentle side, as Lil Drac demonstrates in the video below. Thanks to Bat World Sanctuary for taking care of this adorable little guy.

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Manuela B.
Manuela B.4 years ago

omg he was just beautiful... i think i want a bat. i've always liked them...

Ceejay Robb
Ceejay Robinson4 years ago

I love how he rocked himself! So cute!

Darla Taylor
Past Member 4 years ago

Awesome video! Way to go, Bat World Sanctuary, for saving this tiny baby.

Laura M.
Past Member 4 years ago

Aw, he's so cute! my head a splode!

paula eaton
paula eaton4 years ago

Bats are cute.

Michele Wilkinson


Nina C.
Nina C.4 years ago


Chandra K.
Paula P.4 years ago

That is so cute. Thanks for this!

Cinzia B.
Cynthia B.4 years ago

Immense tenderness...thanks for the video.

Sue Griffiths
SUE Griffiths4 years ago

Absolutely adorable. The patience the carer is showing is heartwarming.