Tiny Hamster Eats Tiny Burrito at Fancy Restaurant (Video)

This chef has a unique speciality: making a (typically) plus-sized food for a pint sized critter. In the end, after cheek-stuffing and noms, the food critic seems pleased. Watch this creative clip of hamster’s lunch date with a mini Mexican meal.

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Carrie-Anne Brown

loved this video! thanks for sharing :)

Janice Thompson
Janice Thompson2 years ago

My "Awe" moment. I sure wouldn't go to that trouble but then I am not a fancy feeder.

Jennifer H.
Jennifer H.2 years ago

What a cute video. Thanks for sharing.

Barb Hansen
Ba H.2 years ago

ever since the sprint hamster, i remember how much fun mine was

Angelika Kempter
Angelika Kempter2 years ago


Leanne B.
Leanne B.2 years ago

That was just so adorable. Thanks for sharing.

Catrin K.

This is just super cute ! Can't help but smile !

love of animals
2 years ago

oh wow he s so cute and the way he eats that burito !! very fast lol

Alice B.
Alice B.2 years ago

Awww , that's cute !! Thank you !! :)

Mary T.
Mary T.2 years ago

thanks for sharing the cute video, loved my hamster, now I want one