Tips for Avoiding Overeating This Holiday Season

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, although I find it very difficult not to overeat! This holiday season, Iím arming myself with some practical and spiritual tools for enjoying my meal without going overboard. If youíre someone who tends to overeat on Thanksgiving then this vlogís for you!

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LMj Sunshine

Thank you.

LMj Sunshine

Thank you.

Anne Moran
Anne Moran3 years ago

I eat till I'm full... That's all...

Julie Cannon
Julie Cannon3 years ago

Thank you!

JOSE Honr3 years ago

Eat a little of everything only.

Dave C.
David C.3 years ago

I always try my best to avoid overeating......some years better than others.

Carla van der Meer

Interesting, thanks.

Diane K.
Diane K.3 years ago

It's easier to keep intake in check when you are trying to make mindful choices and savoring your choices.

Barbara L.
Barbara L.3 years ago

Good grief! Care2! Really?

People usually overeat a little but your standard eating habits should overrule over-indulgence.

Winn Adams
Winn Adams3 years ago