Is BPA Safe?

To believe or not to believe.

Discouraging news last week: Despite more than dozens of studies to the contrary, it has been determined by the FDA that bisphenol A, a chemical used in baby bottles and canned food, is not dangerous.

I–along with many consumer groups and a lot of politicians–beg to differ. The concerns about this chemical are nothing new, and this new development in which the FDA completely ignores hard scientific fact is nothing short of appalling.

The plastic-hardening chemical called BPA, similar to the hormone estrogen, is used to seal canned food and make shatterproof bottles. It is also used in hundreds of household items, from sunglasses to CDs.

Peter Myers, chief scientist for Environmental Health Sciences, had this to say: “It’s ironic the FDA would choose to ignore dozens of studies funded by (the National Institutes of Health)–this country’s best scientists–and instead rely on flawed studies from (the plastics) industry.”

Myers said the agency disregarded recent studies of bisphenol’s effects included in the National Toxicology Program’s April draft report.

That group’s review of animal studies suggested low doses of bisphenol can cause changes in behavior and the brain, and that it may reduce survival and birth weight in fetuses.

So before you take the U.S. government’s word for it, I’d suggest that you do some research on your own. Here is a great comprehensive story on plastics and their dangers, and check out this article to find safer alternatives for baby bottles.

Luckily, many lawmakers at home and abroad are not letting the FDA’s conclusion sway them. Canada has announced its intention to ban the use of the chemical in baby bottles and California lawmakers are expected to vote soon on removing bisphenol from children’s products.

Tell the U.S. Congress how you feel about this issue by signing Care2′s petition here.


Jo S.
Jo S1 years ago

So wrong!
Thanks Jana.

Jo Recovering
Jo S2 years ago

Thank you Jana.

Carol Cowbrough
Carol C6 years ago

Interestng. Thanks.

Patti Brown

Interesting. Thank you!

Teresa P.
Teresa P7 years ago

This is so wrong.

Hilda Perrett
Hilda Perrett7 years ago

I am sure in this case better safe than sorry I would avoid plastic at all cost

Past Member 7 years ago

Interesting thanks!

Katrina Schumann
Katrina Schumann8 years ago

hopefully you are not using Johnson's Baby shampoo which contains amongst other nastys FORMALDEHYDE one of the most dangerous toxins around which is used agressively AGAINST the people; there is NO reason for it's use; it is used SOLELY for the deliberate harming of humans for profit; with congresses' blessing & approval; & the FDA goes right along with it; DICTATORSHIP AGAINST the people; with human rights abuses beyond imagination of any other country on the planet! here is what they do: go to school, BRIBE them to STOP recesses for younger kids; SUPPLY foods with chemicals to cause restlessness; then have them "refer" to doctors filled in & prepared to claim "add, ahd; and prescribe METH! (SPEED) FOLKS! in the name of "riddlin" causing even MORE harm to be done! "this is the way it works": they claim: NO IT IS NOT! it is the way YOU do whatever you want to get $ for the few at the expense of the many; Harmful acts AGAINST civilians who do not morally deserve it by political parties for their own agenda: terrorism folks; doesn't it make you WEEP that our LEADERS are so cold bloodedly heartless to do this to CHILDREN & BABIES of their own COUNTRY for MONEY!

Katrina Schumann
Katrina Schumann8 years ago

It is TIME the people of this country rose up and said NO MORE! to our Gov; it will NEVER be "fixed" thru lawless lawmakers: Congress; cuz they work with Corps AGAINST the people claiming "this is the way democracy works"; it is NOT; this is DICTATORSHIP: and they claim 2 parties: both having the same agenda: the Corps work with Gov AGAINST the people: it is set up for chemicals including banned in USA & WORLD to be put into every possible & conceivable thing to CAUSE harm to humans: (us); why? for the Pharma companies to get 600,000 xs the COST of meds;they pay drs offices $ to meet quotas; & major mega prizes for "pills"; lawyers then keep over 2/3's of $ & all rest not distributed in lawsuits; Congress limits amounts folks can collect, gives "personhood" to Corps to limit liabilities; and Supreme Court says oh no to high & REDUCES amounts set; saddest of all: Congress passed law that irregardless of health coverage paid for: doesn't have to be covered by health benefits if it hurts their profits;

Diana T.
Diana T8 years ago

I'm not surprised(sadly). The FDA has always sold themselves to the highest bidder without caring about how it will effect us. :(