12 Best Genetically-Modified-Free Grocery Stores

Sorry Safeway and Kroger:  while consumers applaud your recent decision to ban genetically-modified salmon from your stores, it’s not enough to make the cut for the Top 12 Right to Know Grocers as identified by the Organic Consumers Association.  As part of the organization’s “Organic Consumer and Retail Alliance” Project, the organization selected the “Diligent Dozen” as the best grocers in America and Canada based on their policies and practices to educate consumers about genetically-modified organisms and provide them with GMO-free food alternatives.

Also check out the Organic Consumers Association website for the 50 best regional grocery stores.

The OCA made the following grocery store selections, in part, for working with manufacturers and food producers to transition to GMO-free ingredients and for GMO labeling requirements:

Berkshire Organics Market & Deli, Dalton, MA

The market has staff person who investigates all products for potential GMO ingredients before it will consider them for their shelves, which is important since few, if any, foods containing GMO ingredients promote this fact on their labels.  A large percentage of its foods are certified organic.  The staff also visits farms to confirm sustainable farming practices.

Dad’s Organic Market, Saskatoon and Regina, SK

The market initiated a GMO-free policy, which it communicates to vendors and manufacturers.  The store also requires that manufacturers confirm their GMO-free status on company letterhead before it will consider purchasing products from them.

Good Earth Natural Foods, Fairfax, CA

A supporter of the Non-GMO Project, the store also donated $25,000 to Prop 37 the California initiative to label GMOs.

Jimbo’s…Naturally!, San Diego, CA

This GMO-Free grocery story has worked to get manufacturer’s to eliminate GMO ingredients from their foods and to pursue organic or Non-GMO Project verification.  The store also donated $10,000 to support Prop 37.

MOM’s Organic Market, Baltimore, MD and Washington, DC

For nearly two years, this organic market has been informing suppliers that they won’t accept foods with high-risk GMO ingredients.  They also require Non-GMO Project verification or organic certification if they suspect that any products that could potentially contain GMO ingredients.  This market donated $15,000 to Prop 37and related movements.

Native Sun Natural Foods Market, Jacksonville, FL

Five people on-staff research and review products and assess the potential for possible GMOs.

Natural Grocery Company, El Cerrito and Berkeley, CA

Four years ago the store’s buyers began informing vendors that they will only purchase organic products, except where they are not available.  Non-organic foods must be certified GMO-free by Non-GMO Project.  The Natural Grocery Company also donated to Prop 37.

Nature’s Food Patch Market & Cafe, Clearwater, FL

The store labels any foods suspected of containing GMO ingredients with GMO tags.

Ocean Beach People’s Organic Food Co-Op, San Diego, CA

Manufacturers are required to provide an affidavit confirming the GMO-free status of their foods if the products aren’t organic.  Ocean Beach People’s Organic Food Co-Op has removed products containing GMO ingredients are from the store.  Donated $5,000 to support Prop

Sundance Natural Foods, Eugene, OR

Sundance Natural Foods are self-declared “Gatekeepers” to protect the food supply from corporations that attempt to degrade it for profit.

Sunspot Natural Market, Kokomo and West Lafayette, IN

The store makes an effort to ensure GMO products do not enter their store.  The staff contacts manufacturers who claim their products are free of GMOs when they do not have “Non-GMO Project” certification.

Terra Organica, Bellingham, WA

The store surveyed its customers to find whether they wanted GMOs labeled or not, or whether they wanted GMOs eliminated altogether. Customers chose labels so the store is attempting to label all GMO-containing foods.

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Anne F2 years ago

excellent - I like hearing that there are stores stepping up!

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Stanley R3 years ago

GMO frankenfood is making us ill. Prosecute the evil Monsanto criminals now!!!

Kath P.
Kath P3 years ago

Don't live in the States but good to know if I should visit.

Melissa M.

Sad to realize that not one store that I shop at makes the list. I think I shopped at that store in Oregon but it was years ago before this crazy mess became public.

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Carole R3 years ago

Thanks. Never heard of these stores, none near here.

Syd H.
Syd H3 years ago

As a public service to reiterate there are many MORE stores that are helpful with regard to the GMO issues.

For the new commenters saying there is not enough and none near them, here is the link again for the rest of the list of supportive stores (too bad it's not also in the article and highlighted):

Here's the store finder link again:

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